Saul Over….sob..sob

…the other day marked the end of one of the best TV shows that was ever put together, Better Call Saul.

I think when we all heard that Saul was going to get his own TV show a lot of us were surprised at their thinking, but six seasons later I don’t think there was ever a more satisfying ending to a TV show.

Going from a person that we knew hardly anything about, he suddenly had a backstory, he had goals, he had skeletons in his closet, and we found he could charm his way out of any situation he found himself in.

Why am I talking about Saul Goodman?

Well, because the businesses that stand out are ones fronted by people.

Think of Apple, and your mind goes to Steve Jobs even though he hasn’t been around for a long time.

Think Tesla, and it’s Elon Musk.

Think Amazon, and it’s Jeff Bezos.

Heck, if I said I was looking for a grill, George Foreman would probably come to mind.

Sometimes business makes someone a celebrity, and sometimes it’s the other way around. The celebrity brings the audience and the business starts from there.

But having someone at the front makes it stand out.

It makes it different. – Even if they’re all making the same widget.

Yet, most people would rather hide behind the scenes.

And because they do, they’re just another piece of the huge ball of magnolia out there.

Heck, even if you’re selling something as common as a colouring book, putting your name on front street makes it unique.

That colouring book title goes from ‘Cute Forest Animals’ to the ‘The Barry J McDonald Cute Forest Animal Collection.’

I don’t know about you, but putting your name on it not only makes it unique, and also gives you a feeling that someone has put a personal touch into how it was put together.

Same content, but now there’s a name to it.

But people would rather hide behind the scenes and not put themselves out there, and then they grumble why no one remembers them.

Sometimes it takes a little belief and putting on your big boy pants to do it

Or to quote Saul…

“If You’re Committed Enough, You Can Make Any Story Work. I Once Convinced A Woman I Was Kevin Costner, And It Worked, Because I Believed It!” – Saul Goodman.

If you want people to remember what you do, make them remember you.

Do it well enough, and they won’t think of buying from anyone else.

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