Fun And Profits – Do You Have Any?

Fun And Profits - Do You Have Any?


To me, there’s a link between fun and profits.

When you’re having fun, you get more done, you put more effort into it, and you’ve got no neediness that it’s got to work.

On the other hand, do work that’s a chore, and you’ll procrastinate, dread doing it, and you’ll never give it 100%.

Thing is, you mightn’t think your reader or buyer will notice, but they do.

Ever walk into a shop where the guy behind the counter isn’t glad to see you?

That’s the energy you’re giving off with the content, book, video course, or whatever you’re trying to sell.

Listen in as I explain this further, and how I found this out from two men I admire.


Is Self-Publishing A Scam?

Is Internet Marketing A Scam?


Depending on how you come across it, yes it can seem like a scam.

Too many people have been led ‘Pied piper-like’ to huge paydays with little to no effort involved.

When it doesn’t happen the way, it can seem like they’ve been hoodwinked and there’s no money in self-publishing.

But is that really true?

Listen in as I explain it further…