How I Almost Killed My Sister And What You Can Learn From It

…yeah, I know the title is a bit long, and I didn’t know how much you’d see in Google, but I knew those first few words would grab those eyeballs of yours.  : )

So, how did I almost kill my sister?

Well, let me begin..

…it all started with a ten year old Barry and his trusty Honda 50. – Which he loved nothing more than jumping
onto at the weekends, and doing laps of the local football field until he ran out of gas.

One weekend however, seeing the fun I was having, my little sister wanted in on the action and charmed her way onto riding pillion behind me. – Thanks to a lot of pleading, and  worming her way around my father’s finger.

Now, I don’t know if you know anything about motorbikes, but a Honda 50 on a good day would hardly pull you out of bed.

And as for the ancient one I owned, you’d be looking at ten years before it got to it’s top speed.

Which on my own, was OK.

With two however, it felt like I was driving through mud on two flat wheels.

So grumbling that I had her in tow, I carried on lap after lap, trying my  best to strangle every little bit of horsepower I could.

Suddenly a miracle happened.

Hitting a small rut in the ground, my little bike found it’s power and took off back to it’s normal speed.

“Hey! What do you think now.. Denise?….Denise….?’

I looked back to see her flat out on her back lying on the ground.

So that was where my sudden speed had come from.

Circling back, I got there just as my father did. – Denise was out cold.

It probably didn’t help that she didn’t have a helmet on her, we only one at the time.

Thankfully, she came to and everything was fine, and I didn’t have her as a pillion  ever again…so there was a happy ending for everyone.

Well, for me anyway.  🙂

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s my lesson?

Don’t ride pillion with a ten year old?

That it’s best to have a helmet?

All of the above, and that you too have a silent pillion on your ride, slowing you down and making you second guess everything you do.

What is it?

It’s rejection.

‘What if I do this and no one likes it?’

‘What if people unsubscribe from my emails?’

‘What about that person that wrote the review about my book, maybe they’re right and I should stop writing?’

If you do, and have an hour free, I recommend you click on the link below and listen to Sean Mize and his take on coping with rejection.

Rejection will slow you down.

Limit what you want to create.

And make you want to stay small so no one notices you.

But kick that pillion off and you’ll find growth that was strangled because of it.

Click here to listen to Sean’s take on rejection. 

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Thankfully, Mrs Mac fared a lot better when she rode pillion with me. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever told her that story about Denise.

If only she knew…

The Best Place To Focus Your Attention

…go to any writing or self publishing forum and you’ll find people complaining about something or other.

‘Amazon’s ripping us off.’

‘My competition ripped off my book idea.’

‘I’m a better writer than the ones on the top ten list.’

‘I can’t believe people are buying that puzzle book….it sucks!’

And on and on it goes.

All things they have no control over.

It’s like driving down the road, and expecting everyone to follow the rules of the road like you do.

Sure, you can spend all day screaming through the windscreen, at the jack ass that cut you off, but wouldn’t it be better to focus your time on something you are in control of? – Like getting yourself home safely.

Because you really have no control of anything, but what you’re doing.

Jeff Bezos isn’t going to change Amazon for you.

People are always going to rob ideas.

And the cream doesn’t always rise to the top of the bestsellers list.

Better to focus on doing a better job, getting in front of more new people, and staying away from the complainers.

Anything out of your control, is out of your control, and burning up a few innocent brain cells because you can’t control it is a lost cause.

Keep your eyes and mind on your own driving lane this week.

Now, if you’re looking for an easy way to get in front of more people, and something I still use every day, I’d go here…

Social Media Automation.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Because you can’t be in enough new places this year.

Now go put those racing blinkers on.

The World Isn’t As Talented, Or Clever As You Give Them Credit For

…Marcus Aurelius once said that folk where strange.

Most of us love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion over our own.

I’d add to that, we also think that everyone else is a lot cleverer or talented than we are.

I told myself that lie for the longest time.

Everyone could write, but me.

Everyone could create a product, but me.

Everyone could have a membership site, but me.

Everyone was an expert on my topic, but me.

Seeing these words now on ‘digital paper’ you can see how ridiculous those thoughts were.

But in my head, they were as true as gravity. – And just as hard to break free from.

Everyone was more talented, better, and their opinion mattered more than my own.

Who I thought I was back then, I don’t know?

But I was always the one at the back of the pack. Never able to run alongside the people I admired, or envied.

Maybe you’re thinking those things right now?

Maybe that’s why you’re not pushing yourself?

The world’s more talented than you are.

Who are you to teach, preach, motivate, or inspire? You’re just, well….’you.’

But when get past that crap you’re telling yourself, and do the stuff you want to do, you realize that you have something to offer.

Yes, even you.

The world isn’t as talented, or as clever as you make them out to be. – They wish they were.

And somewhere out there, there’s someone struggling with something you could be teaching them to do.

But you’ve got to go do it.

And as for the opinions, who cares about anyone’s opinion but your own.

If you’re making someone’s life better, that’s all you need to focus on.

Keep that in mind when you’re doing your work this week. – And not the mental record you’ve been listening to.

It’s time to put on a better tune on the ole jukebox. 

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Have a good one.