What Are The Advantages Of Writing A Book?

What are the advantages of writing a book


What are the advantages?

If you think the only is money …you’re wrong.  – Most authors make very little from one book.

So, why should you write one?

Well, there are a few good ones.

In today’s video, we’ll have a look at why anyone’s business, online and offline, should be putting a book together.

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Why Is It So Hard To Make Money Online?

Is It Worth Writing A Book To Make Money?


For the longest time, I used to ask myself that question.

Was it just me?

Was I dumb?

Did I have any talent…or anything worth selling?

And why were teenagers ‘supposedly’ making money in a week, and yet I couldn’t.  – Even though I’d been around the block far more times than they had?

The answer to my problem, and possibly the answer to your question is in the video below.