The Secret Curve You Don’t Even Know You’re On

…I remember my father taking me to an air show when I was small.

Walking around the field, and looking at the American aircraft on show, was the highlight of the day.

Not just because they were American, but at the time Ireland didn’t really have an air force.

Well, we did have a few hang-gliders and a helicopter that had to go back at the weekends, but that was about it.  

So, watching one of those jets go screaming by, parallel to the ground, and then pull back up and go vertical  was…well, made a ten year old’s day.

I didn’t know it then, but that shape is the one that success takes.

It’s not a straight line from A to B.

It isn’t down here and then up there

It’s a long drawn out curve.

The longest part, is the straight bit, where nothing seems to be happening. You’ve travelling parallel to the ground,
but you’re not seeing anything.

That’s where most folk drop out.

‘It’s not working.’

‘People aren’t buying my stuff.’

‘I’m not getting anywhere.’

And then they throw in the towel.

But had they stayed the course, they would have seen the sudden upward lift.

The momentum their blog posts suddenly make.

The collection of books that suddenly find readers that weren’t there.

Their writing that suddenly get’s attention where it didn’t before.

That’s the upward climb.

And like that jet screaming toward vertical, your actions suddenly snowball on and on, getting you more and more results.

But this time with less effort.

You’ve broken gravity’s hold on you.

Success isn’t visible in what you do each day. But if you take those daily actions, that dam will break at some point.

You’ll never know how, or when, but if you drop out now, you’ll never see that vertical curve that’s in store for you.

It’s there if you stay in the game long enough.

Now…if you’d like to build a huge snowball of links, and traffic, all leading back to your site….I’d use this.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – One piece of content a day multiplied four or five ways, and you could have over a thousand sign posts to your
site in a year.

It’s that easy.

Still Pulling On That One Weed?

…ever do any weeding?

If you have, you’ll know that there’s always one weed that’s a lot more stubborn than the rest.

It’s got a longer root, it’s in an awkward place, and you find yourself cursing it for not breaking free. – And so you spend a lot more time working on that one.

But wouldn’t it be better, as Sean Mize recommends, leaving it till later, and coming back to it when you’ve the other
ones finished?

That’s a lot like online folk.

They spend too much time on something they’re stuck on, instead of doing the easy stuff that they’re good at.

They’ll spend weeks, or months trying to plot out a book, but never think of hiring someone to do that for them so they’re free to write.

Or they’ll get worked up about Facebook and it’s ads, and hold off on the easier option of just creating daily content
and trying to get it into as many places as they can.

Or they’ll spend hours trying to get the perfect keywords, than just putting up the content and seeing how their audience reacts to it.

I know I used to be like that.

The headline on the sales letter had to be perfect. The email subject line had to right. If I made a mistake on a training video, I’d throw that half hour of work away and start again.

Clever, right?

Maybe you’re the same right now.

You’ve got your head stuck in something you could hire out to someone better, instead of working on the other things
you’re good at, or could get done.

And you’re losing days, weeks, or months, going down a path you don’t need to be on.


…if there’s a weed you’re spending too much time on today, move on, and get the others done.

You can always circle back later, or hire it out to an expert who knows what they’re doing.

And if you’re one of those fiction folk that can’t plot a book, or come up with story ideas, here’s two major weed killers.

Super Simple Storylines

Super Simple Plotting.

You can use them yourself, or give them to a VA and get them to do the work for you.

It’s up to you.

But stop wasting time on that weed.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – And if it’s something else, let me know, maybe I might be able to point you in the right direction.