Beware! There Be Hijackers Out There

…whether you even notice them any more is another thing.

Now, these aren’t the ones that take control of your ship on the high seas, or the ones that drive off with your car leaving you stranded on the side of the road. No, these are a lot sneaker than that.

This hijackers are only interested in your goals.

These can come in any form, like…

– a piece of advice from a family member
– something said in a forum
– a blog post from a well known Guru
– to even something you’ve been told on TV.

You start off with a goal in mind, get told ‘You should do this instead,’ and then before you know it, you go off in that direction.

Then a little while later, you go on someone else’s advice, and your goal changes again.

Each time your goal gets hijacked, you end up ping-ponging off in different directions that are far from where you want to be.

The best example of this is one I heard Bob Proctor mention in a speech.

Leaving school with no direction in life, he followed the crowd and joined the Canadian navy on a whim. – He didn’t even like boats, or had ever seen the ocean before that time. – And yet here he was, in a place he never seen himself ever going.

But had he put some thought into his decision, that he had no love for boats, that sign post would have guided him in a better direction.

Easy to say that now, many years later, says you.

But the same is true for all of us right now.

If your goal is to be a blogger that doesn’t do social media, then don’t do social media. – No matter what anyone tells you, what software is being sold, or what the media says. You don’t do social media.

The gentleman that I learned this topic from, John Mulry, was once big into health and fitness. His goal was to work solely with clients on a one to one basis. Yet, when he went to seminars or talked to others, they all said that bootcamps were the way to go…train groups they said.

Almost on the verge of doing it, he stopped himself in time.

This was what others were doing, not what he wanted to do. Had he allowed his goal to be hijacked he knew he wouldn’t be happy doing it. And who knew, maybe he’d find that goal hijacked, and go spinning off in another direction, all the while taking him away from his original goal?

So whatever decision you’re about to make today, ask yourself the question…’Is this in line with my goal, or am I being hijacked with this?

If you’re being hijacked, you know what you need to do.

No matter how rosy is looks.

PS – That’s another reason why I don’t do affiliate stuff anymore. There’s enough hijacking going on without me taking part in it.

Plus, my goal is to keep all you lovely people to myself. 🙂

No….Not James Bond Now As Well

…right now, all over the world, keyboard warriors are chugging back cans of Red Bull and typing furiously on their keyboards.

Why so?

Seems the next person to play James Bond is going to be black, and a woman to boot. – Shock horror!

While I’ve no problem with a black actor playing Bond, I would have prefered to have seen Edris Elba playing the part. – He’s got the acting chops, is a handsome man, and oozes charisma. 

But for whatever reason they overshot the mark and went for the opposite sex too. – Again, no problem, but why?

In my humble opinion, that decision won’t last long before it’ll revert back to where it was.

Why? That’s not where Bond’s audience is.

You can appease the herd on social media, that’ll call this a step in the right direction, but they aren’t the ones that’ll queue up to buy tickets when it’s released. They’ll be off fighting some other social injustice… or continue trying to be the conscience for the rest of the world not on social media.

The money however, is sitting in the pockets of young boys (and the older ones that haven’t grow up) who love nothing more than watching a good gun fight, a car chase, and Bond charm a lady with the flutter of his eyelids.

Now for me, there’s a important lesson in that mistake.

Trying to appease someone that’s not your core audience is a bad way to run your business. If you have to water down your message, reduce your prices to keep them happy, or create content just to be liked, then you’ve already lost.

Getting Likes, Shares, and Tweets is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t put a roof over your head, or food in your belly.

So whatever you’re doing today, whatever message you’re putting out there, let me ask you?

Are you doing it for your audience, or are you doing it for people that don’t deserve a millisecond of your attention?

Email Ace – A product that’s definitely not for the faint hearted, the penny pinchers, or those afraid of expressing an opinion.

PS – What’s James Bond’s favorite kind of pasta?

(in a Scottish accent)
Mini Penne