You’re As Memorable As A Fart In The Wind

…if I could give a new author, blogger, or internet marketer one piece of advice, it would be this….

‘You’re as memorable as a fart in the wind.’

Now to those that have a big ego, or think they’re the bee’s knees when it comes to writing, those words
will bounce off them like a quarterback running at a toddler.

But those that take them to heart will see that it’s true.

– No one remembers the huge celebrities of yesterday year.
– No one can remember that huge scandal that happened 12 months ago.
– Most of the appliances in your home, you probably can’t remember where you bought them.
– And that place that you used to work at, I doubt there’s many there that still remember you – unless you were a serial streaker. –¬† ūüôā

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you don’t sit on your laurels thinking that a past victory means you’ll always be remembered.

You stay on your horse, creating more content, writing more books and telling more people that you exist.

Those that do, are always at the forefront of their readers and customers minds.

Those that don’t?

Well…..they’re the people that sell you something, and then think they can contact you in 6 months time to sell you¬†something else.

Because they’re memorable.

One of the¬†ways to stay memorable is being in your customers inbox, every….single….day.

Even if they never read each one, the fact that your name is always there, makes you ‘unfartish.’

It also shows that you’re not a fly-by-night, grabbing their money and running for the hills never to be seen again.

Now, you don’t have to write emails like I do, by using Email Ace.

But you better be doing something.

If you’re¬†not……..well, best of luck with that one.

Email Ace.

PS – And if you’re still unsure, watch the documentary on the rise and fall of the strongman ‘Sandow’ on Netflix. – A lot of lessons to be learned there.

It’s A Good Job I’m Not A Doctor

…the other day I had to pick up a prescription for one of the kids.

Walking over to the chemist to cash it in, I looked at the handwriting on it.

Now, I’m not one to brag about my handwriting – it sucks – this was way beyond anything I could have written.

Looking like it was done by someone – either mid stroke or during a sneeze – it’s no wonder so many people are killed by doctors bad handwriting.

Supposedly 7000 Americans are killed, and another million and half are injured by their cryptic text. 

That got me thinking…..thank God I never wanted to be a doctor. Between the long hours and my bad handwriting, I think I’d kill more than¬†save.

It also doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

I prefer my day job, where I show people how to make money creating content, and in some cases, erasing it.

Take my Spot The Difference Creations course as an example. – Putting that course together with my eight year old was a blast.

If you’d like a fun time, frustrating your customers, go here.

PS – And if you’d got a sinister streak in you, you’ll enjoy the amount of frustration you can cause even more.

Mo-ha ha!

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Cringey Moment?

…especially if it’s someone else’s.

You know what I’m talking about. Someone you know says or does something stupid and you¬†close your eyes, or look on through your fingers.

Take last night as a prime example.

Me, Mrs Mac, Oisin, and Finn were at the local hotel grabbing some bar food.

As we’re sitting there, I hear two people coming up behind me – one was slurring his words a little, and talking out loud.

My first thoughts….’He’s had a few too many to drink, and he’s probably being walked to the door.’

My wife on the other hand, leapt from her seat with a….’Oh there’s, Fergal! Come on Finn, let’s say hello to him.’

To fill you in on a little backstory, Fergal was a Down Syndrome child that went to school with my eldest son, Matthew. And to say he was popular was an understatement. – Hence, my wife’s seat jumping and taking Finn, our eight
year old, with her. 

Anyhoo, with my back still to the group, I heard the man with ‘Fergal’ say the name, Kenneth.

“Kenneth? Who’s Kenneth?” I say to myself, as I continue on eating with my back to them. “Must be a brother or something?”

A few moments later, Finn and Catherine returned.

“So how is…..”

Her red face answered my question.

‘You know something, I’ve never seen him before, Mammy.” Finn said, getting back in front of his dinner.

“That wasn’t Fergal, Finn…..”

Chuckling at her embarrassment, I almost tossed in the ‘You think all down syndrome people look alike’ line, but could see she wanted the floor to swallow her up.

Ah, bliss. – Ammunition I can use whenever I’m losing our next slagging match.

But, while some cringey moments can provide entertainment, you don’t want people to cringe after buying something off you.

Take coloring books as an example. Some people think that you can throw anything onto a page and expect people to pay for it. Or better yet, try and sell the same PLR images that are already in another hundred coloring books.

You don’t want that. – It makes better business sense to sell to the same people over and over again, rather than¬†running off with the cash after the first purchase.

If you’re happy with the first option, do nothing and keep doing what you’re doing.

But, if you want to make your own coloring book images, quicker than you thought possible, and that are totally unique to you, click here.

PS – Sadly, most of the peeps selling on JVZoo haven’t coped on to that simple marketing fact.