Want A Digital Superpower?

….that didn’t involve getting bitten with a digital spider…

…didn’t involve you turning green and splitting the ass of your pants every 5 minutes…

…and didn’t need you swinging a hammer around…because health and safety and that.

But was a genuine super power.

Would you want it?

After a lot of swearing, getting refunds for dodgy microphones, I finally got there.


Your Super Power Is Here.

PS – As for sidekicks, you’ll have to work that one out with your partner…or just put a mask on one of the kids…like I do.

What If You Had Other People Promoting Your Books?

…there was a bar that was in the worst part of town.

Not the rough end, mind you, but not the best location to sell beer or food.

Their business was right bang at the end of town and sat by the local bridge.

But this wasn’t an ordinary bridge,  no…this was one of those bridges that went up and down when the boats passed through.

And being in that location, anyone that was going by wasn’t interested in going in for food or drink …they just wanted to get outta town.

So the bar owner scratched his head.

How could he make his business different from everyone else’s?

What was the one thing that no one could compete with?

He could lower his prices, but so could everyone else.

Then he hatched a plan.

The bridge, before it went up, alerted the town that it was doing so with a loud bell.

While the bridge was moving the bell would ring until it settled back in place.

The next day he set up a new promotion.

‘All beer 50 cents while the bell is ringing. Once it stops all beer goes back to full price.’

Overnight the whole town and tourists looked forward to hearing that bell ringing out and flocked to his business.

And he lived happily ever after.

By the way that’s a true story.

So what’s one thing you could do to beat off the competition?

What handicap do you have that you could use to an advantage?

Not known?

You could team up with other authors and promote your work to each others

A kids coloring book guy, teams up with a kids workbook gal?

If all you did was promote your little group’s circle of work to each others customers, you can keep everyone else outside the circle.

So get your thinking cap on.

What handicap do you have that you can use against everyone else?

A lack of knowledge can be a handicap too, but being a member of WriteCome means you’ve got tons of great training at hand.

And being inside the circle means that you don’t have to pay top dollar either.

Want inside? Go here.

PS – What did the farmer use to make crop circles?

A Protractor

That’s The Way It’s Done Around Here

…how many time have you heard that in your life.

‘Oh you don’t want to do that…wear that…buy that…that’s not the way it’s done around here.’

I remember many years back when I was doing my shelf stacking job. To me the ten  hour shift was a drag, although I could wear my headphones and listen to podcasts all night, ten hours is still ten hours.

Because of that, the busier I could keep myself occupied the quicker I knew it would go.

I remember one night a colleague of mine was in the opposite aisle with half of what I had to do.

He, unlike me, was trying to stretch out the little he had.

It wasn’t long until he came over to me and asked me to slow down because I was showing him up.

‘Keep going like that and we’ll all have more to do,’ he smiled.

But underneath I knew what his comment meant. We’ve got a way around here and we don’t want you making us look bad.

That’s the way things are done around here.

And not just the work place, but other places too.

Take the book business as an example.

You always need an illustrator to create kids books. – No you don’t.

You always need to draw or hire someone for your coloring books. – No
you don’t.

You should spend more time looking for your next reader than looking after your last one.  – No you don’t.

You’ll only have success going through a traditional publisher. – I  think this has been put to bed too.

As Dan Kennedy said once on a podcast, ‘The popular way is the poor way.’

If everyone’s zigging, you’ve got to be zagging.

And as Earl Nightingale added, ‘If you go in the opposite direction to everyone else you’ll probably never make a mistake in your life.

So what can you do, go, or create that’s different to what everyone else is doing?

You may be going in the opposite direction to the herd, but let’s face it not many in the herd are thinking for themselves.

They’re just following the one in front.

Now if they were headed toward WriteCome I’d be joining that conga line.

But as I said, not everyone’s got their thinking cap on.

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha cha.

PS – Feel the Cuban rhythm. 🙂