It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, Well For Some That Is…

…well for some it is.

I love this time of month, not just because it’s December tomorrow, but because I’ve just put more great pressies under the WriteCome virtual Christmas tree.

And its not just the end of this month, but at the end of every month I get this buzz. Right now I’ve added my latest email writing course, a virtual book tour planner, and a package of social media images you can stick your name on.

And this is only this month’s stuff. There’s plenty more than that to keep you occupied between now and Christmas as you wait for January’s prezzies to drop.

If you’re a member of WriteCome, you can get your hands on December’s gifts a day early.

…I couldn’t wait….I know, big kid.  🙂

For everyone else, there’s more than enough to go around. Click the button below, pull up a chair, and tuck into the feast.

Click here for a feast with all the trimmings.

I can’t be held responsible for any added weight you gain before Christmas as your head swells with all this knowledge.

But stick around and I might have something in January that might help with it. 🙂

Start Christmas early. 

“And So This Is Christmas…”

…and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.’

You probably recognise those lyrics as ‘War Is Over’ by John Lennon.

Those opening ones were one’s that used to haunt me at Christmas time each year.

Each year I used to look back at my life…before I started writing and doing what I’m doing now…and look at another year wasted.

Twelve months had passed since I’d last heard that song, and yet here I was still doing the same things I hated to do.

Inside, I knew there was more I could be doing. You probably feel like that, but you’re holding off, like I was, for January 1st as the day that we’re going to turn things around.

But you and I know that you’re kidding yourself, come the 5th of January, you’re back doing the same as you were before.

It’s like the Monday morning dieters that fall off the wagon by lunchtime the following Tuesday.

Every day is your January 1st, and between now and the real one, you’ve got a month to get a head start on everyone else. is filling up with more great content come Dec 1st.

Some people may be holding off, because you know, January 1st and all, but why wait?

You could be up and running, with your first children’s book, workbook, piece of fiction, or course created and up for sale, in time for January.

Come Christmas, you could be listening to John Lennon’s song and be grinning to yourself.

“What have I done….? Plenty thanks, John.”

Click here, it’s January 1st today

And if the FTC is reading this email…yes, I know it’s not January 1st… and it’s false advertising…but come on, give a guy a break. 🙂

Black Friday, Bah Humbug!

…if you’re looking for a huge deal, something to max out that bloated credit card, or a package of stuff you’re never going to use, I’m sorry it’s not in here.

Sorry, you can close this email now, sorry to disappoint.

By the way, I’m not really anti Black Friday, I enjoy those YouTube videos too.

The ones where people fight over a stereo as if they were never going to make another one, or TV’s..

….and what is it with people and TVs?

Are we running low on them too?

John Rohn said it well when he said that rich people have large libraries, but poor people have large TVs.

Poor people also have huge hard drives…filled with content they could never use in ten lifetimes.

The ones that make money are the ones that make content and then sell it.

Today you’ve got a chance to fill your hard drive with stuff you’ll never use or make a commitment to use
what you have

Or you could pick and choose something you want to learn from the site.

That would be a better choice, but hey, I’m biased.

Or if you’re already skint, check out the free content I have on the blog here.

You can even ‘Share’ some of it too. 🙂