What Crying At The End Of A Car Show Can Teach You…

…today I finished off the latest season of the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

Now, while I know it’s not to everyone’s liking, I was surprised when I shed a few tears when I heard that the old format of the show was coming to an end and it was going in a different direction – although one I can’t wait to watch.

And it got me thinking….where are the tears coming from, it’s just a car show, right?

Except it’s not. There’s a ton of other car shows out there, even the old Top Gear one where Clarkson, Hammond, and May originally came from.

But none have the viewers the Grand Tour has.

Why not?

It’s all got to do with passion and personality. Something that can’t be bottled or copied.

Passion is very addictive.

I mightn’t be in the market for a super car right now, but I’ll happily watch three men talk cars, and race them around on a track for an hour.

Personality makes you unique.

Going back to all the car shows, there’s none that have the chemistry of Clarkson, Hammond, and May. And just like Marmite, you either like them or loath them. They know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but they also don’t care.

That passion and personality is why Amazon paid them the big bucks.

Same goes for what you do.

If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, people can sense it. Sometimes even unconsciously.

And if you’re not putting ‘yourself’ in your work in one way or another you’re no different to anyone else out there.

Do it right though, and people will follow you anywhere.


PS – Or maybe I’m just turning into a big cry baby in my old age.

If It’s Hard To Do….It’s Worth Doing It

…Jim Rohn used to say that you should aim to be a millionaire, not for the money, but for the person you’ll have to become to get there.

Same goes with getting good at writing, getting noticed on the socials, or anything else you’ve got your eye on.

If it’s hard to do….it’s worth doing it.

Not just because of the person you’ll need to be to get there, but because nobody else is willing to do the hard work.

– Everyone wants flat abs without the exercise.
– Everyone wants a push button business without the stress.
– Everyone wants to win lottery.

Funny thing is, five or ten years from now, those people will still have that same goal.

How close will they be to it?

Just as close as they are today. – Nowhere near.

If you’re finding things tough right now, be grateful for it. Not only will you be a better person for sticking with it, but you’ll also leave the majority of your competition behind you.

There’s a reason why there’s always less people at the top of the mountain than at the bottom.

Speaking of hard. – Getting attention for your books can be tough, especially with so many other people self publishing their books.

But there is a simple way to stop people mid scroll.

Make something that capture their attention, like these here.

PS – It’s probably why all those kids didn’t show up when ‘Rocky’ used to run around at crazy o clock in the morning.

You Know It’s A Slow News Day When….

…when a dog on a train captures everyone’s attention in Ireland.

Now, if you don’t know the story, a dog called Tyson decided to see what the ‘big smoke’ was like and headed up to Dublin on the train.

Anywhere else, that probably wouldn’t register a blip on their radar. But, with all of us exhausted by Brexit (we’re leaving/we’re not leaving) it was a welcome relief.

Ireland being Ireland, it didn’t take long before the owner’s were tracked down. – Over here, everyone knows everyone, or has a relation that lives near someone you know.

Funny thing was, more than one person phoned in to claim the dog? – Weird.

Anyhoo, Tyson found his way home and we all slept better that night.

Tomorrow, it’ll be something else that will amuse us for a while. – Because we all long for something to distract and entertain us from time to time.

For some people it’s spot the difference puzzles.

Not only are they fun to do, but there’s a feeling of superiority you get when you find a missing item that no one else can see.

‘You can’t see it….but it’s right there?’

How many of us have said that at one time?

There’s a few of them right here on this sales letter.

Can you spot them all?

PS – I’m not going to tell you how many are in each picture, just to frustrate you even more.