You’d Never Give A Monkey A Machine Gun

…because you know once Bubbles got a hold of it….well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination – which is probably better than any picture I could conjure up – but you know it’s not going to end well for anyone.

And yet I see it every day. – Take for instance, the email that sneaked over my Donald Trump style wall I’ve put up around my email inbox.

In it, the internet marketer was spouting on about how the latest messenger software was going to turn my life and my business around – if I didn’t mind being a few hundred dollars lighter for buying it.

Now, while it might have been good, and worth the money – to me, the majority of people buying it are as clueless as Bubbles with the AK 47.  – Instead of making a fool of themselves in front of ten or twenty people, they’re going to show the world and it’s mother that they haven’t got a clue about what they’re doing.

That’s why…

…being a bad writer is a good thing.
…being unknown is a good thing.
…not selling many books is a good thing.
…not making much money right now is a good

How come?

Well, because you’re better being a bad writer and no one knowing you, than getting in from of a huge audience and they all finding out you’re terrible. – Same can be said for not selling many books, or making much money with your writing.

You’ve got to pay your dues, and build your audience. Both of which can take time, and push you to the limits sometimes with frustration about your lack of results. – Stay the course.

Steve Martin once said that he did stand up comedy for 18 years. Ten of those were spent learning the craft, four were spent refining it, and last four were spent being a raging success.

Most people drop by the wayside, because they can’t keep going. And that’s why it’s pretty quiet at the top.

So, the next time someone tries to sell you Bubble’s last mistake, ask yourself – Would I be better knowing how to use a pea shooter first and get good at that before trying this thing?

Because the thing is, if you can’t learn how to shoot peas well, there’s not much point in you moving on to bigger things.

That’s why I knew if I wanted to be a good writer I needed to be able to do the basics, like character building.

Because if you can’t do that, there’s not much point in buying a thousand dollar writing course, is there?

Thing is….I have to admit, my A-Z of creating characters is pretty good.

In fact, once you go through it, you’ll even be able to create the type of person that would give a monkey a tool of destruction.

That’s, if you’re writing the type of book, where Curious George goes rogue. – Now that’s a bestseller if I ever saw one!

Anyhoo, enough of the monkey madness,

Here’s the link you’ve been looking to click on today.

PS – And as for the email wall thing, I’ll be patching the hole up so no more baddies can sneak through.

Methinks You Don’t Want It Enough

…Jim Rohn said once that there would be more millionaires in the world if people wanted it enough.

Sure, ask anyone if they’d like to be a millionaire and they’d say they did. – But they’re looking for the Lotto millions, not the one where you put in your dues.

Now you can argue with me, say that this and that’s holding you back, but is it?  Is that really true?

Right now, there are people whose only access to the Internet is through their local library. – Some are using that time to write, learn and make a better living for themselves.

Right now, there are children dodging bullets on their way to school, because they know an education will free them from the lives they have.

Right now, someone’s living in a car, or sleeping on a friends couch, not giving up on their dream of a becoming a rock star.

Right now, someone’s lost that weight they needed to lose because the threat of diabetes is too scary a future for them.

If you want it enough you’ll find a way.

Now, if life’s easy living in your comfort zone, I’m not here to upset your apple cart. But as Bob Proctor says, a comfort zone is a bad place to be hanging out in.

There’s a lot more in you than you know. Sure you can go around with a twig in your hand thinking that your excuse is great camouflage, but you’re kidding yourself.

If you want the dream enough, you’ll do what’s needed.

And if you won’t do it for you, do it for someone you love in your life. – Imagine the shining example you’ll be to them?

Will you do it…probably not.

And that’s why you’ll never see people queuing at the gym.

The Powerball? That’s a different thing altogether. – There, you’ll find tons of people willing to queue around the block for a free payout.

If I’ve pissed you off today, I’ve done my job.

Now go prove me wrong.

I Can Write Fiction – Geography Though, Seems To Be My Achilles Heel

…the other day, I did something that I don’t do too often….I read back through some of my book reviews.

But, not the good ones, nah, it was the bad ones. – Don’t know if life was getting too good, or I felt that I needed to be taken down a peg or two….but I read a few.

Here’s a doozy from the Irish Runaway, where one of my critic’s asks an important question about my geography knowledge.

‘How in the world did she travel by paddle-boat from New York to San Francisco???’

Now looking back, I nod in agreement.

How the hell did my Irish Runaway do a cross country by boat?

Call it a brain fart, but I think this cross county Suez canal achievement dwarfs Trump’s wall any day.

Looking back at this ‘minor’ oversight….I could use this as a selling point in my advertising for the book.

Any of these might make a good book blurb…

‘A romance fiction book like no other. – It’s just a pity his geography teacher wasn’t his co writer.’

‘This western romance book is so good, it’s literally separated North America and it’s readers.’

‘A book that even romance fiction readers will find too crazy to believe.’

…..Think any of those would raise a little curiosity?

Maybe even help sell some books?

Like I told you earlier this week, you can run from your critics, or you can embrace them and use them to do some good.

Heck, it gave me an idea for today’s email and blog post.

And it ain’t all bad….the book’s got 93 reviews and sitting almost at a 4 star rating. – So I won’t be crying in my beer tonight.

If you want to pick up any of my fiction writing courses,
you can get them here. 

PS – Just don’t ask me for the way to Amarillo.