Vote For Alan Jones

…Who’s Alan Jones?

Good question.

Before he became mayor of an American town, not many people did either.

So how did he became mayor?


He simply bought a couple of rusted and beat up trucks and placed them along the roadside leading into town.

Each one simply read, ‘Alan Jones,’ on the side.

When it came to election day, people found his name as a candidate on the election form. – And because his name was something they saw every day – coming and leaving town – he got voted in.

‘But I’d never fall for something like that,’ you say.

And yet it happens everyday.

Drive anywhere, open a paper, or switch on a TV, and you’ll find a Cocoa Cola or McDonald’s ad.

We all know what they make, but that’s not the point of the ad. They want us to think of them as the first option when it comes to buying a soft drink or fast food.

Same goes for you…you want to be the first name people think of in your niche, genre, or product. – Grab that top slot and you’ll take home the majority of the market.

Now, while you mightn’t have the unlimited budget of Cocoa Cola or McDonald’s, there’s a cheaper and easier way to do it.

Build a list, spend $10 a month at MailChimp, and use this.

PS – If there’s one skill that’ll make you more money and keep your customers to you – like a mother hen with her chicks – it’s email.

In years from now, you’ll say the same thing I did….’Why didn’t I do this years ago.’

Save yourself that ‘face-palm’ moment, and go here.

You’re As Memorable As A Fart In The Wind

…if I could give a new author, blogger, or internet marketer one piece of advice, it would be this….

‘You’re as memorable as a fart in the wind.’

Now to those that have a big ego, or think they’re the bee’s knees when it comes to writing, those words
will bounce off them like a quarterback running at a toddler.

But those that take them to heart will see that it’s true.

– No one remembers the huge celebrities of yesterday year.
– No one can remember that huge scandal that happened 12 months ago.
– Most of the appliances in your home, you probably can’t remember where you bought them.
– And that place that you used to work at, I doubt there’s many there that still remember you – unless you were a serial streaker. –  🙂

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you don’t sit on your laurels thinking that a past victory means you’ll always be remembered.

You stay on your horse, creating more content, writing more books and telling more people that you exist.

Those that do, are always at the forefront of their readers and customers minds.

Those that don’t?

Well…..they’re the people that sell you something, and then think they can contact you in 6 months time to sell you something else.

Because they’re memorable.

One of the ways to stay memorable is being in your customers inbox, every….single….day.

Even if they never read each one, the fact that your name is always there, makes you ‘unfartish.’

It also shows that you’re not a fly-by-night, grabbing their money and running for the hills never to be seen again.

Now, you don’t have to write emails like I do, by using Email Ace.

But you better be doing something.

If you’re not……..well, best of luck with that one.

Email Ace.

PS – And if you’re still unsure, watch the documentary on the rise and fall of the strongman ‘Sandow’ on Netflix. – A lot of lessons to be learned there.

All You Need Is Love!….And A Few Customers.

…Ah!…..Valentine’s Day.

A day where….

…everyone on social media wants to show you that they’re the most romantic person in the world.

….stalkers think they’re in with a chance.

….someone out there is going to be left on bended knee – with an open ring box – and a woman in a full restaurant wishes the floor would swallow her up.

You can’t beat it.

Me. I’d never call myself the most romantic person – my wife would also agree on that fact – that’s why, when she used to read my romance books, she used to shake her head in disbelief.

‘You….wrote this?’


‘I didn’t know you had it in you?’

Now, while I never read a truckload of Mills And Boon books, I’d watched enough rom coms in my time to see what went into a romance story line.

Maybe you’re like that too?

You’d like to write something romantic, but you don’t know what to write, and you’re afraid that every idea has already been taken.

If that’s you….then you’ll like my Romance Rolodex.

1,100 romance keywords and book ideas.

If you’re looking for more customers, you simply have to give them what they’ve been searching for.

Click here you old romantic you!

PS – It’s also cheaper than a box of overpriced chocolates and totally calorie free.