Faster And Cheaper Than A ‘Back To The Future’ DeLorean

…ever been plagued by a bad book review?

You’ve got ten decent ones, but that one still keeps chipping away at your confidence.

Or maybe a it’s bad blog comment.

You did your best, gave as much good content as you could, but someone decided that a rain cloud was missing from your parade.

Or maybe it’s a video, email, or social media post, that you pulled the trigger on, and you realise that there’s a obvious misspelling standing proudly where everyone can see it…..and you feel like the village

I’ve been there…..still do on more occasions than I’d like to admit to.

But while beating yourself over the head because of your stupidity, naivety, or lack of talent, can seem like time well spent….you can’t change it.

And that’s something I’ve discovered from reading Hal Elrod’s recent book ‘The Miracle Equation.’

Those four words have a lot of power in them.

You can’t change someone’s opinion of your book.

You can’t change how badly your last blog post was received.

You can’t change that spelling mistake that can’t be taken down.

You also can’t change how dumb you were last year.

Why? Because that’s all in the past.

Sure you can rant and rave, call yourself the biggest idiot since the earth cooled, or a hundred other things, but you can’t change that moment.

In his book, Hal tells about waking up after an horrific car crash, one that was supposedly going to leave him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He got over it, and back on his feet, by allowing himself only a few minutes of misery, before acknowledging to himself that he couldn’t change any of it.

He couldn’t make that moment in the crash go backwards.

He couldn’t undo all the broken bones he had.

He couldn’t even get back the girlfriend that left him after the accident.

That was all in the past….it was what happened from now on that mattered.

And so it is for all of us.

We can scream, cry, throw furniture around, give that guy in that other car the finger, but none of that will change anything.

Now, if you need to do it…..go ahead and get it out of your system….but once that moment’s passed, it’s time to move on.

Better to focus your energy on your next step.

Now, if your next step is getting more eyeballs focused on your social media content….I’d skip over here.

That’s if you like skipping.

PS – As for the rest of Hal’s book, it’s well worth getting a copy of it….very inspiring book.

Crashed And Burned!

…ever watched ‘Misery,’ the movie based on the old Stephen King book?

If you have, you probably well remember that scene where Kathy Bates is standing over James Caan with a hammer in her hands.

She might be his No.1 fan, but he’s not leaving until he writes her the book she wants to read.

After Sunday night’s episode of Game Of Thrones, I’m sure there are a few people that would love to do that to the writers who drove the show off the cliff.

Filled with plot holes (that a dragon could easily ride through), characters forgotten, or who go completely off character for no explainable reason, it’s no wonder it’s left a rotten taste in a lot of people’s mouths… own included.

That’s one thing they never tell you at fiction school.

Do it properly, and your work can take on a life of it’s own. Not only can it outlive you, but if you’ve got fans attached, it can get heavy when you take it in the wrong direction.

It’s not your work any more….it’s theirs.

Case in point.

A few years back in my old Minecraft writing days, I killed off one of the main characters, I was influenced by JRR Martin at the time, which didn’t go down too well.

If it wasn’t tears in the book reviews, it was ‘I’ll never read any more of your books ever again!’

And that’s what happens when you get good at character creation. When you do, not only do your characters come to life, but it can feel like a family member is going through all the ordeals your favorite character is going through.

I so, so, wish the guys over at Game Of Thrones had my course on character building.

But alas, that’s too late.

But….if you’re willing to take the risk of one day being hobbled in your bed by a crazed fan….go here.

PS – Now I’m off to track down that light Will Smith had in Men In Black and have my memory erased.

Following The Follower

…that line popped out at me on a recent listen of  ‘Lead The Field’ by Earl Nightingale.

What did he mean?

Simply, that a lot of people nowadays aren’t following the leader, but are following the follower.

And when you’re following someone that’s not giving any thought into what they’re doing, it can lead to big problems.

I’ve been the victim of this in my own life.

Many years back, a neighbor of ours decided that he was selling up, and moving north across the border into Northern Ireland.

Hearing the profit we could make on our home, Catherine and I tied our wagon to that brain fart, and before we knew it, we were living up North.

We paid for that lack of thinking…

– We moved into a village that we were never going to be accepted in. – One of those places you see in movies where when you walk into the bar even the jukebox stops playing.

– British helicopters were constantly overhead and took great relish in zooming over our homes, just to wind everyone up. – On the odd occasion, it looked like a scene from a Vietnam film, with helicopters dropping troops around our homes, and flying off.

– I’d barely learned to drive at this time, and I’d be leaving a heavily pregnant Catherine alone all day with no means of transport, and about 15 miles outta town.


Now, you’re probably thinking, what were we thinking?

We weren’t.

And so it is when you’re following someone that’s not giving any thought into what they’re doing. – If they walk off the cliff, you’re not too far behind taking a fall too.

So, whatever you’re doing, stop for a second and ask yourself, ‘Am I following a follower?’

If you’re not doing any thinking and just following the crowd, you better make sure that the guy at the front is.

One way you can do that is study what they’re posting online. You can do that easily by spying on them with one of the tools in the ‘Social Media Tool Kit.’

You can find that tool and more here.

PS – End of the story, both families moved out of Dodge a few years later, wondering what the hell we were thinking?