Cha… Cha… Cha… Changes!

….I remember seeing the great man back in 2003. Standing about ten feet away in a throng of people, David Bowie went through all his hits and had us all in awe.

What he did during the concert made me love him even more.

A friend of mine, tossed a pair of shades onto the stage beside Bowie’s feet.

Expecting us to get kicked out by security, we screamed at each other as he picked up the glasses and put them on.

And not for one song, but for half the concert. Once done, he put them back on the stage and walked off.

We waited for the roadies to come on stage and hollered to get the glasses back. One tossed them out to us.

“Can you believe it! David Bowie wore these!” My friend exclaimed, running around like he’d won the lottery.

Bowie didn’t have to do it, and he could have kicked them off the stage. But for a group of drunken Paddies, he’d made our night.

Sometimes fan’s don’t need great things to feel special. A simple email of thanks can make a fan’s day.

None of the big authors do it, don’t make that mistake too.

Bowie’s audience began with one fan. He also used other people’s audiences to build his.

You want to know how to collect fans emails?

Get in front of other audiences?

It’s in here.

PS – Bowie also knew how to create characters and personas. Want to how to create just as believable ones for your fiction? I’ve put together an A-Z of character building report here.

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