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Cherophobia, Something You Don’t Want Your Customers To Have.

…what’s Cherophobia?

It’s a irrational fear of fun and happiness.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who had that, but there’s people for everything out there.

Thing is, when it comes to making people happily, you don’t have to give someone a million bucks to make a difference in their life.

Even something as small as giving them something to unwind with can make a difference in their lives.

Not all of us have the writing talent of Stephen King or J.K Rowling, but a simple coloring book is something all of us can make.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to on a few people’s Christmas card list this year. – Those that sell PLR packs for coloring books, that is.

Because my latest course shows how to reuse those PLR packs that are gathering
dust on your hard drive.

And….shush!….other people’s too.

But don’t tell anyone.

You can see an example of that coloring image here.

PS – I could finish this email with a ‘hahaha.’

Or I could just write ‘5555’ or ‘www’ the way Thai and Japanese do to show laughter.

Now there’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know.

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