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Chinese Coronavirus Catastrophe

…even before I got into the workforce, my favourite day was Friday.

Once that day came and welfare cheques were cashed, me and my ten-year-old friend David, would go round his large family of out of work brothers and collect orders for the corner shop.

Picking up cigarettes, (yes, we were allowed to buy them even at that age, #DifferentTimes) and every piece of junk food we had on our list, we used to finish with our own shopping spree from the change that was left.

And boy did we shop.

Our personal haul was mostly comprised of anything that contained sugar, sherbert, or enough e-numbers, that by the end of the day we looked like Al Pacino at the end of Scarface.

More money than sense back then, and all totally wasted.

But even that pales with what the Irish government did recently along with the idiots in the North.

Needing more PPE and medical garments for the medical teams over here, they put in an order with China for supplies, and sent some planes over specially to collect them.

But, nobody wondered how the Irish frame might differ from the Chinese one.

And opening up the garments on arrival, they found that the sleeves only went halfway down the arms of staff.

Which, with staff needing to be covered from head to toe because of Coronvirus, means unless we hire Chinese medical teams…they’re beyond useless.

Ah, isn’t fun wasting someone else’s money?
Now, speaking of wasting money, the bargain below is one that’s on the complete opposite side of that scale.

It’s both useful and will repay its owner many times over.

What is it?

Well, you’ll have to go here to see for yourself.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – But if you’ve been to the Facebook page lately you’ll have plenty of ideas to use it on.

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