‘Christmas With The Coopers’ Words Of Wisdom

“Try and be the person you want to become.’ – Bucky Cooper.

Most of us have great plans for the New Year, but our biggest problem is we’re taking the same person with us.

It’s like, as the great Bob Proctor said, we expect the same old lawbreaker to uphold the law.

It ain’t gonna happen.

It’s like traveling miles away for a new start, but you’re bringing the biggest problem with you. – You.

We want to be the hero of our story, but we’re doing all the actions of the villain.

But for things to change, we’ve got to change.

Because if we’re honest, all of those things that happened in our lives had one person at the scene of the crime. – Us.

Now, you can blame the odd random moment, whatever way the stars were aligned that day, but the majority of stuff we set in motion.

And next year, we’re going to be at it again.

The greatest thing we can do in the next year is not be us.

Because the ‘us we are’, gives us the result that we get.

We want the better results, but we don’t or won’t change the first part of the equation.

And we’ve probably been doing that for years now.

Same us, same actions or inactions, the year ends up the same as the year before.

We hate the way things are, but we’re putting the exact same ingredients into the mix and expect to get something other than a pie we hate.

The greatest thing we can do, is as Bucky Cooper said, try and be the person we want to become.

Now, while Yoda said there is no try, only do or don’t do, try is a good place to start.

A better quote would be, ‘Become the person you want to become.’

But for some of us, that’s a step too far.

We can’t see ourselves as anything other than the way we see ourselves.

We don’t believe that there’s a better version of us in there.

But try… means it might be possible.

Try means… that you’ll probably fall down lots of times, but you’re willing to give it another go.

Try means… that we’re willing to give it a shot.

And that’s all we can ask of ourselves.

To try and become a better version of us. – Not that there’s anything wrong with us, but it’s who we are that gives us what we get.

Try and become the person you want to become in 2023

And who knows what might happen?

But nothing changes until something changes.

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