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Coldplay, Don’t Get Me Started On That Topic…

….every have a band or a famous person that people can’t get enough of….and you’re going what the f…?

That’s Coldplay for me.

The first coupla song’s where OK, after that….they just seem to be freewheeling.

Thing is, the more they seemed to be churning out muck, the more fans seemed to be attracted to them.

It’s kinda like the Emperors new clothes.

Where I’m pointing out that they’re awful, but no one takes a figs notice.

Not that anyone in Coldplay will ever worry about my opinion.

I doubt Chris Martin will be losing any sleep that I’m not buying any of their albums.


Because they have their fans.

Once you’ve got those, it doesn’t matter a jot what anyone else thinks.

Things is, it takes a while to build them.

But there are some shortcuts.

One of them is here.

I’ll be giving you more ways in a few days.

Then you can be as bad as Coldplay and still make a fortune.

PS – They’ll never be as good as U2.

…Bono might be a knob sometimes, but you won’t catch him naming his daughter after a piece of fruit.

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