Congratulations! You’re An Idiot

…well, we all are. Or at least we should all want to be one.

Why so?

Well, as Randy Gage explained in a recent podcast of his, when you look back and cringe at what you thought was good work, you’re moving in the right direction.

It means you’ve grown, you’ve improved, or you’ve come up with a better system than you had before.

When I wrote my first fiction books, I had visions of myself as a Stephen King, or JK Rowling as I pecked away on my keyboard. – A year later, reading back on it, it was more like a toddler that had been let loose with a box of crayons.

And every years it’s been the same.

Emails, training courses, videos, podcasts, you name it, I can see how they all could have been better.

Now, I could put myself down, call myself an idiot, and that I deserve to have my Internet access taken away …or I could see it for what it is, a growth spurt.

Had I not seen those mistakes…well, there’s a good chance I probably haven’t got any better, and I’m deluding myself with how good I am.

Same goes for you.

Before you go off on one, calling yourself – whatever your go to name is – give yourself a break.

You may feel like an idiot now, but compared to that idiot six months ago, you’ve probably come on in leaps and bounds. Go easy on yourself.

Embrace your idiotness…you’re going in the right direction baby!

Now, when I created my first picture book course, I thought calling it ‘Cheap Children’s Book’ was a great idea. #WhatWasIThinking

Now, Picture Book Publishing, well that sounds a whole lot better. – It’s also a lot more easier on the eyes and ears too. 

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