Crap Christmas Commercials

…it’s a big wake when you go back to normal TV after you’ve spent a long time hanging out on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Like going onto a website you shouldn’t be on, the ads come in like a wave of pop up’s trying to sell you the most random crap, and in the most random ways.

The worst ones come out at Christmas.

If it’s not an actor, babbling a line that you wouldn’t hear in a dementia ward, it’s that far off ‘I’ve just farted’ look they give to camera.

Then you get a shot of the perfume package, with a slogan on how it’s going to have the opposite sex, or anything within a five foot radius, hunting you down like the alien in Predator.


Or we’ve got the companies that spend a squillion bucks each year, paying for some computer animated character that’s going to blow up YouTube for a week…and then close the year with less sales than they had the year before.

And then they repeat the same thing next year looking for a different result.


That’s like a lot of marketer’s out there.

They’ll tell you that a product is going to change your life, make you prettier, or have folks eating out of your hand.

Me, I like to sell stuff that I’ve actually used to make my life easier, and to make something I can profit from.

Not just for Christmas…but beyond that.

Here’s something you can use all next year for coloring content and more.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Now I’m off to buy a car that can drive vertically up a mountainside.