Crowd Surfing In A Wheelchair

….kinda grabs your attention,, doesn’t it?

I don’t know if it’s a regular thing, but it happened at the recent Coldplay gig in Dublin.

I know, probably the most exciting thing that happened at it…yawn!

But from what I’ve heard, a guy in a wheelchair got hauled up out of the crowd and got carried by audience members toward the stage.

Whether he made it with both wheels still on his truck is another thing…

…with the crime recently in Dublin I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up on bricks.


I bet you’re wondering…

Who was the guy?
Why was he in a wheelchair?
How did he end up getting picked out?
Then what happened?
Did Chris Martin sing him a song?

That’s like building a good character for your books. Starting off with  something as small as a name, you can add layer upon layer until you arrive with a character that’s almost as solid as you are.

If you’ve watched my ABC video from yesterdays blog post, I’m sure you’ve discovered some other easy ways of doing it.

That was only the appetizer.

You can pick up the main course here.

PS – Somebody said that Chris Martin let one of the guys wheels down so he couldn’t get away, and then sang to him.

– Even a Bond villain would have more compassion.

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