Darn You…Bright Shiny Object!

….I’m not immune from the bright shiny object syndrome.

Take last week as an example, I bought one of those set it and forget it social media builders.

Ya know, the one that’s going to make me so freaking amazing on Facebook and Twitter that people are going to be throwing their cash at me, and my web host is going to be ringing me up, giving out that his servers can’t keep up with the traffic I’m sending his way.

Didn’t work for you either, no?

Funny, that?

Anyway, I knew it wasn’t the greatest thing since the earth cooled but I had planned on using it along with my own efforts… then,

…dun, dun, dun…

Said guru, sends me an email telling me that there’s another amazing social software that’s going to blaze me up the charts and make me more popular than the Kardashians.


“You sold me your software, saying it was going to do those things, and now you want me to buy a competitors?”

Maybe I’m a little slow here, but wouldn’t you be better fixing your own to make it as good?


Hate being suckered like that.

Anyway, my new course should be up and running in the next 24 hours.

I’ll be showing you how to create amazing looking children’s work books you can be proud of.

And no, I won’t be offering a competitors product afterwards.

You won’t need anything after

Not like “Make It Happen” guy.

Might even try my Jedi mind trick on ya…

This is the course you’ve been looking for.”

Working yet?


PS  – “This is the course you’ve been looking for.”

Still not working?

Aw well, had to give it a second shot.