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Did We Kill Elvis?

…there at the weekend, me and Mrs Mac went to see the Elvis movie.

While not as big a fan of Elvis as Catherine is, it’s a great movie and highly recommended.

But enough of the free PR.

…at the end of the movie Tom Hanks (AKA Colonel Tom Parker) said that we were partly to blame for Elvis’s death.


We loved him too much.

We wanted too much of him.

And the man gave all he had even though it was killing him to do it.

Watching all the panties, kissing, and clambering over each other to get to him, it’s amazing how far we’ll go to be close to greatness.

We’ll spend a fortune to stand in the room with it.

We’ll cue for hours to get its signature on a page.

We’ll buy everything we can that’s got an image of it on it.

People will do anything to stand in the presence of greatness.

The shame is, that most won’t do anything themselves to be great at something.

Want people seeking you out…be great at something.

Want people not to question or turn up their nose at your prices…be great at something.

Want to light up someone’s inbox today…be great at email writing.

Most suck at it, and that’s why most don’t make any money at it.

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Thankya very much!

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