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Did You Think It Was Going To Be Easy?

Did You Think It Was Going To Be Easy?
Did You Think It Was Going To Be Easy?

… I think we all reach a point where we question what we took on.

You realize that it’s tough writing content every day.

Or you’re frustrated that you’re not making money, or stuck at the level you’re at and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

On those days your first impulse is probably to give up and throw in the towel.

But whoever said that things were going to be easy?

No one.

We just assumed it would be.

Or we listened to too many ‘Get Rich Gurus’ who said that everything would be a piece of cake and we’re the only ones struggling.

Truth is, no one said it was going to be easy.

If it was, we’d all have six-packs, be on the front of Success magazine, and have a couple of Hollywood blockbuster movies under our belt.

But we don’t.

That’s why there are always more people at the starting line than at the finish line.

Anyone can stand at the starting line.

Getting to the finish line is a different matter.

But if there’s anything I could tell you that might put a little wind in that sail of yours it’s this….you’re not the only one.

Whatever you’re doing, there are people in the exact same spot as you are. – Some, are even worse off than you are.

And every day you keep going, one of those people will drop out, meaning there’s one less person you’ll have to compete with.

Some of these people will tell their friends and family that it’s too tough, meaning, even more, will stay away.

Your job is to stay on your feet.

Sure, you might be punch drunk and want to lie down, but what’s the alternative?

Go back to what you did before?

Lose all that momentum and have nothing to show for it?

If it was easy we’d all be at the beach with our laptops.

But honestly….did you really think it would be easy?

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