Do It Your Way

…if there’s one thing I’ve been a little late to discover, it’s that your writing and publishing business is unique
to you.

Not what anyone else says works, but what works for you.

Dan Kennedy modeled his business around the way he wanted to live his life.

– He didn’t want to travel.
– He didn’t want having his time wasted.
– And he wanted to work from home.

Because of that, anyone that wanted to work with him had to travel to his house, and if you got that far, there were a world of hurdles you had to get through.

Which meant his time was only taken up by clients that could afford him, and knew what they wanted. – All three boxes ticked.

Same goes for you.

What would your ideal business look like?

Not the guru’s, not the blogger you follow, and not the writer you’re trying to copy, but your business.

Only want to write short stories? Then only write short stories.

Only want to talk to your audience through Facebook? Then only talk to your audience through Facebook.

Rather do a daily video than an email? Then go that way.

Some people like to write.

Some people like to talk.

And some people like video.

So today I want you to think about what you do. Are you doing it because someone else said you should – and you’re cramming a square peg into a round hole – or are you doing things your way?

With so many options, and ways of doing things, you’re not limited to what you want to do.

Build your business to fit your life, and not the other way around.

And for folks that missed my previous emails, this course is going away for good on Monday.

It’s being updated and is being replaced with version 2.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Have a good one!