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Do You Ever Just Want To Give Up?

….I’ll be honest, I’ve felt like that a few times.

Sometimes it feels like you’re not going anywhere.

Sometimes it feels like you’re not good enough.

Sometimes it feels like everyone knows the vital secret you don’t.

Maybe you feel like that right now.

Thing is, what do you gain from quitting?

As Kevin Hart would say the only thing you’re left with is that you gave up.

That’s it.

You’re left with the feeling that you threw in the towel.

But…what if the start of your success was only a day away?

Or a week away?

Or that your book was just about to land in the hands of the person that was going to pluck you from obscurity?

But you dropped out too soon?

Yes, it’s tough to keep going, but what else are you going to do?

If you quit, the game’s over, you’re left with nothing to show for all that effort you put in.

But if you keep going, there’s always a chance that life’s dice is going to show you a six eventually.

Drop out now, and you’ll never know where that success was going to come from, or where.

And when you think about it, which life story is going to sound better?

The one where the hero was successful after three weeks?

Or the one where the hero kept going for years, went through moments of self-doubt, and looked like they’d never make it, until they finally broke through?

Now that’s a Hollywood movie!

Give up and the game’s over for good.

Keep going and you’re still in with a chance.

The bell’s just rung….are you ready to give it your all for another round?

Go get ’em, Tiger!

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