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Do You Hear That Noise?

“…that noise, the one that sounds like a load of people running…sounds like a stampede to me……but they’re not here yet, thank God.

‘Where are they running to?’ you ask.

‘I think it’s to the offer that I’m coming out with tomorrow.’

‘What’s that offer?’ 

‘That’s a good question…it’s my new Bullet Journal Business In A Box.’

‘Business in a box?’

‘Yep, it’s filled with articles, social media images, two reports that you can give away to build a list, a 14 day e-course to entertain and educate your subscribers, a report on bullet journaling, plus templates to create your own bullet journals. Oh and also a list of resources filled with money making ideas and places to advertise your journals.’

‘Wow, but what’s a bullet journal?’ 

‘Really? You don’t know? 550,000 people search that term every month.’


“Look, Google it and get back to me…..but if you want to get a head start on the crowd….I can get one out of the store room before it goes live tomorrow…..I’ll
even give it to you for a discount…..seeing as I haven’t tided up the store yet.’

‘Wow, that’s very heavy!”

“Hey I said it was a business in a box… quick, shut that door before the horde finds out I’m doing this.”

Door clicks shut.
‘Now I better get this place tided up for tomorrow.’

Bullet Journal Business In A Box

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