Do You Like Pina Coladas, And Getting Caught In The Rain?

…on the day when we celebrate the aforementioned cocktail (don’t know if anyone does, but I was looking for an blog post idea for today, so let’s just run with it) I thought it would be fun to honor the Pina Colada song.

Back in 72, even a young seven year old Barry was singing along to the tune as he travelled the highways and byways with my father in their truck. – I’d only a vague idea of what Rupert Holmes was going on about.

Long before Tinder – or whatever the kids are into nowadays – he was having problems with his lady. And rather than finding out how they could spice things up, he found the ideal mate he was looking for.

She was into Pina Coladas, getting wet in the rain, getting naughty in the sand dunes, and only needed a man with half a brain.

But, rather than seeing her for what she was, an exhibtionist alcoholic, that had a soft spot for retarded men, young Rupert wrote back saying he loved all of those things too.

Later on in the song, he found out that it was his girl that wrote the ad in the paper, and they both lived happily ever after. – Both ignoring each others wandering eyes.

To a seven year old, those lyrics meant nothing to me. The tune however, stayed long with me over those Summer months working with my dad.

But there’s a good lesson in that tune.

Looking over the fence of your business, it can look like everyone else’s is exciting. That the grass is greener, or that they don’t have days when they’re not second guessing themselves.

Drinking ‘Pina Coladas’ can seem fun on a sales letter, and ‘Sex On The Beach’ software can seem ideal at times, but like relationships, doing the work each day is what you’ve got to do.

You can live on the beach, like Rupert probably ended up doing – begging for Pina Colada money, or you can knuckle down and work with what you’ve got.

If you’re looking to make more than just cocktail money with your publishing business I’d go here.

PS – Maybe I’ll create a Facebook classified ad for it. Something starting with this…

“Do you wanna make something useful,
….wanna change a few lives.
Not afraid of putting some work in….
to have a business that thrives………”

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