Do Your Planning On The Back Of A Napkin, Then Toss It Away

…I don’t know if you’ve done any planning for this year, other than maybe a few slurred words on New Years eve.

“Shhhurrre, add me innnn, me and you’lll hit the gym three timesss a week. – Hiccup! …we’lll shhhoww themm!”

Hows that one working out for you?

Lost the weight?

What about that series of books you planned on writing? How’s the collection going for you?

Back when I wrote my first Minecraft book, I didn’t see the 16 that came after it.

WriteCome and it’s courses were the same. – All just came about by flying by my pants and doing the next step.

While I was away on holiday I did my planning for this year on the back of a napkin.

Then I tossed it away.

Because when you think about it, who knows what the future holds?

Maybe that book series you planned flops at the first hurdle?

Maybe that side project of blogging takes over as your primary income leaving your books in the dust?

Maybe you break a leg, and pack on all the weight you lost?

Who knows?

All we know is what’s in front of you today, you may have plans for tomorrow or next week, but you can’t tell the future and nether can I.

So maybe it’s time to toss away that 10 year business plan you created, the book series that’s going to keep you occupied this year, and take it one step at a time.

Do what you can today, to the best of your ability, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Once you’re on the next step, as Martin Luther Kings said, you’ll see the next step to take.

Doing this also allows you to change direction on a dime. And it doesn’t hurt as much when things don’t work out because you’re not looking further than the step you’re on.

Right now, I’m taking it a day at a time, and at most a week. If I do the best I can each day, they all add up to a better week, better month, and better year.

And probably take me in a direction I didn’t see coming.

Your prescription for the day…take a chill pill, and lighten up.

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PS – I didn’t see that one coming either.