Doing The Things You Don’t Wanna Do

…just in the door from an almost three hour car drive, the last thing I wanted to do right now, was to write this post.

Not that I don’t like writing here, but that little voice in my head was spouting words of wisdom….like….why bother, they won’t miss you for another day, you’ve had a long drive, treat yourself, just veg out on Netflix…..and on and on it went.

All of those would have been the easy option, but I want to hold myself accountable this year.

I’ve promised myself that I want to write a post a day. This time next year, all going well, there should be 365 posts on the WriteCome site.

I heard on a podcast recently that you’ll never regret doing an exercise session.

You will however, regret the days you don’t do the action you needed to do.

– The day you didn’t write your regular blog post.
– That 500 words of fiction you said you’d do each day that you passed on.
– That content you didn’t create for your planner, coloring book, or journal today.

It’s easy to skip a day, because it doesn’t matter. – No one will know.

But you will. – And the more you let up on yourself, the easy it’ll get.

One day will become two, two will become three, and on and on it’ll go, until you find yourself back at the place you don’t want to be.

– Those ten pounds of fat are still there.
– That book’s still not finished.
– That blog still only has a handful of posts on it.

We’re almost five months into 2019.

Have you kept your promises? Or have you let yourself off the hook again?

Truth be told, nobody wants you to succeed. They may say they do, but deep down, they want you to scupper your plans.

Like the other lobsters pulling the escaping one back into the boiling pot of water, having someone close to them succeeding means they’ve got to explain why they’re not getting what they want.

And folks don’t like that. – Better to binge on a season of Game of Thrones fantasy than face reality.

PS – Surprised even myself in the direction this blog post took today, but glad I forced myself to do it.