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Don’t Be A Messi Writer

…while football (soccer) mightn’t be a big thing in the U.S, the rest of the world is currently celebrating the football show that’s currently going on in Russia.

Me? Outside of the World Cup, I can take or leave football. You won’t find me tattooing my favourite player across my chest, or getting into a bar brawl because my team lost.

But there’s something about watching the most skilled ‘millionaires’ kicking a ball of leather (probably more plastic nowadays), around the field and scoring goals that the ten year old in us, would’ve loved to have done in the school playground.

Take Lionel Messi for example. When he’s playing for Barcelona, there’s no one that can argue that he doesn’t deserve that title of being the best player in the world.

Last night in the World Cup however, the story was a lot different. Walking off the pitch after his Argentinean team lost 3-0, you could see he was a broken man.

Hardly getting a kick of the ball, because he’s surrounded by weaker team mates, you could see that talented and all as he is, he knows he’ll never lift the World Cup trophy.

Which to me is sad, but that’s life.

Same goes with writers. You could be the most skilled writer in the world, but if you’re lacking the skill of coming up with your own story lines at the drop of a hat, you’re playing on a weak writing team. And one that’s always going to hold that talent back.

Take James Patterson or Stephen King as an example, would either of those be as successful as they are if they couldn’t come up with one story idea after idea?

Me thinks not.

They’d also be raising skinnier kids.

Having the ability to come up with story after story, killed me when I started out.

How could I call myself a writer when I couldn’t come up with a simple story line?

Thankfully, I don’t have that problem anymore. In fact it’s the opposite, I have to stop my head from overwhelm, because I see stories everywhere.

The thing is, it’s easy to learn and it’s here. Super Simple Story Lines.

(AND It’s CLOSING on the 24th. )

PS – It’s just not the same this year with Ireland not in it. They reckon there’ll still be some beer left over after the tournament finishes.

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