Don’t Be Like My ‘Panting Friend’ This Year

…the other day …I don’t know about you, but the way Christmas fell this year, I don’t know  what day of the week it is…. so I think it was Tuesday.

Anyways, my wife, son, the dog, and me, were admiring the view from the mountainside we’d half drove/ walked up.

Enjoying the silence, I turned on hearing someone wheezing behind me.

A man and his daughter ran by us.

I got one of those nods, that was supposed to infer that he was up for it, and enjoying it. – The bugle in his waistband and red face told a different tale.

‘You think he’ll be up here next week?’ I asked my wife, as we watched the pair disappear.

‘Dunno,’ my wife answered.

I don’t know whether he stopped when he was out of sight, or if he ever went back on the mountainside again, but that’s January for you.

The shows we put on to impress others.

We’re #hustling #bustingagut #winning on January 1st, but come 1st Feb we’re  #hiding #givenup.

The spandex outfits go back into hiding until the holiday – beach body season comes, and then it’s all out to make it work again.

Maybe it’s the same for you and your writing.

You’re churning out 5,000 words today only to burn up next week, when you get sick of it.

Maybe it’s the same with your non fiction books, you’re doing a book a day and it’s two days since you’ve seen someone in the flesh.

In both cases, you’re headed for disaster. You may be winning for a while, but you’ll hit a virtual wall….and like my ‘puffing friend’ won’t be seen again.

A word of advice, ease up on the gas until you’ve got the stamina for what you’re doing.

Like running around a hillside, it takes work to get to that point where it’s easy to do these things.

That’s why not everyone can do it.

Better to break your goals this year into small bite-sized pieces, that you do every day.

All of those bite-sized pieces will get you further this year, than a furious sprint.

When it came to writing content for my blog, I used to struggle with it. How could I write content for a blog, do social media images, videos, etc.

Thankfully, I wised up and broke it down into bite sized pieces.

Here’s a free copy of how to do it.