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Don’t Be Like This Idiot…

Don't Be Like This Idiot...

…there’s a factory down the road from me that’s a complete joke.

In the car park, right now as we speak, there’s a guy sitting in a large tent in the car park doing interviews.

If you’ve got a pulse or just asking for directions, this guy will interview you for a job in the factory.

Why? – Because they’re desperate for workers.

Why are they desperate for workers?

Because they treat the ones they have like crap, and so those people leave. – Leaving places to fill.

Had they taken even 5 minutes to do a Google search they would see why they can’t hold onto workers.

And that’s a hole they could plug, or at least slow down the leak, before thinking of sticking a guy in a car park.

But that would be called ‘thinking.’

I see that common sense fly out the window online too.

People looking for freebies that contain a million-dollar secret.

People buying repeatedly from people who rip them off.

People thinking that placing snaps of themselves beside suitcases, or grinning like a Cheshire cat in their best suit, means that they’re winning in life…or are on the way to becoming a millionaire.

People who think they can retire to the Maldives after three weeks of pushing the spacebar, or using copy and paste to put the same nonsense into hundreds of people’s DM’s inboxes.

People trying to automate a business with software that isn’t even a business.

Hint – If couldn’t sell your business to someone (other than you), then you don’t have a business…’ve got a hobby.

I could go on….

….but my fingers would be bleeding and you’d be long gone by then.

In a word, stop being an idiot.

And stop listening to idiots.

Oh, and stop buying from idiots.

If someone is selling you the deal of the week every day, that guy’s not a marketer, he’s a stall seller.  Or one of those people with the long trench coats that’s filled with knock-off watches. – My ten-year-old could do that.

Being an idiot is costing you money.

It’s taking you longer than it should take to create an income.

It means you’ll always be on a treadmill, with nothing to sell, and a second away from having everything taken off you.

You’ve probably been an idiot up to this point.

Nothing wrong with that, we’ve all been idiots from time to time.

But, like that factory, not owning up to your stupidity, well, that puts you at a whole new level of stupid.

And I’m sorry but there’s no hack or shortcut that can save you from that one. : (

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