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Don’t Be This Guy…OR…How To Kill Your Business

Don't Be This Guy...OR...How To Kill Your Business
Don’t Be This Guy…OR…How To Kill Your Business

…the other day I saw this doozy on Twitter.

An author had the bright idea that he wouldn’t describe his female characters in his book for fearing of offending anyone.

Now…he’ll get a few claps on the back from those that want the world to be as inoffensive as possible…but that’s it.

His days as an author are numbered.


Because what self-respecting reader would want to read content by a guy that has no backbone.

First, it’s the characters.

Then it’s the book cover.

Then, god forbid, there’s a swear word.

And before you know it you’ve got a book that’s as exciting as an ABC book from kindergarten.

After that, it’s a journey to the bottom, quicker than the Titanic went down.

And that’s one thing you need to keep in mind.

People that stick out. – Stick out.

People that fit in. – Are never noticed.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, blogger, or whatever, if no one notices you, NO ONE notices you.

You can’t be vanilla and expect riches to drop by your door.

Does that mean you should run down the street naked, only covered by a sandwich board?

Or cover yourself from head to toe in meat like Lady Gaga?

Probably not.

But you’ve got to be you.

You’ve got to write your books, write your blog posts, make your products, etc.

Living a watered-down version of yourself, or trying to cram you into being someone else is a waste of you.

You didn’t come out of a photocopier.

So stop living your life as if you did.

And don’t do something as ridiculous as ‘non-offensive’ man with your content.

As I told you in an earlier email, some people ain’t gonna like you. – That’s their problem, not yours.

Or as I heard explained once to me, everyone’s friend is no one’s friend.

I’d add to that.

Making content for everyone means you’re making content for no one.

Wonder how long it’ll take the Twitter hero to learn that lesson? : )

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But then I’m biased because they were made by my fair hand.…

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