Don’t Do NASA On It

….many moons ago (pun intended) NASA set out to solve the problem of how to write in space.

Whether it’s true or not, they supposedly spent 100 million solving the problem, and the answer was an anti gravity pen.

The Russians on the other hand, solved their anti gravity writing problem by using a simple pencil.

Sometimes we look for complicated solutions to simple problems.

A complicated piece of software that saves 10 minutes a day, but takes you two days to learn how to use.

Drawing you own coloring book images when you can easily solve that problem using image fonts.

Take even getting books reviews as an example.

You go purchase expensive software, hunt down reviewers emails addresses in the hope that they’ll review your book, and sometimes you’ve got nothing to show for all that work.

Me….I used to let book reviewers come to me.

Then I put them on all on an email list and emailed them when my next book came out.

Sounds simple, right?

Nothing complicated, right?

Let’s face it, after your book cover, reader’s eyes automatically go to the amount of reviews your book has.

It doesn’t matter what hack you’re using to get free traffic to your book’s page, if there’s no reviews, there’s no convincing people to buy.

Amazon traffic hacks come and go, but having good reviews on your book will never go out of fashion.

If you want complicated,  Google “book review software,” and have fun learning how to use it.

If you want simple, go to

And no, Amazon has no problem with these reviews.

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