Don’t Fall For The 80/20 Rule Like I Did

…this was something I fell for until I read an interesting article by marketer Tony Shepherd

If you don’t know the 80/20 rule it’s got to to with effort and results.

80% of your book sales come from 20% of your books.

80% of your web traffic comes from 20% of the places you hangout and promote yourself in.

Now these aren’t hard and fast facts.

But you’ll know yourself that some actions, some books, and some websites give you a lot better results than others.

So the popular thinking is that if you focus only on those actions you’ll make more money and be more productive with less effort.

But there’s a flaw in this thinking and that’s what Tony brought up.

What if that 20% that was giving you your 80% disappeared overnight?

What if that book that was making you money got tossed out of the Amazon store?

What if that free traffic you were getting suddenly vanished?

What then?

To quote Tony he said that he looks at the weaker parts of his business and works at bringing those weak points up to par with the stronger ones.

So not only does he make more money, but his weaknesses aren’t his weaknesses anymore.

What about you?

Where’s your Achilles heel?

Facebook is getting a backlash, hows that going to affect your business?

What if Etsy tossed you out for breaking one of their terms and conditions?

A while back…I said that even big companies can take a tumble. First it was SnapChat and now it’s the Zuckerburg empire.

It’s like the old David and Goliath story, get too big, too cocky and some upstart with a slingshot can take you down.

It’s easy to think that the big boys will always be around…that’s what the big boys of the past thought….and they’ve gone by the wayside.

Moral of the story….cover your bases …and build a platform that’s yours.

If you’re selling on Amazon, Etsy, or anywhere else, set up a store of your own too.

If you’re using relying on Facebook ads for traffic, work on some free methods of your own.

Work on your weaknesses folks.

One easy way is to fix low paying books or products is to look at the keywords you’re using.

Keyword Research For Beginners 

PS – And even if you get a zero for a keyword, that doesn’t always mean there’s no traffic there. Give it a go, because somebody’s typing it into Google