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Don’t Get Wrapped Up In The Numbers

How many times has a number made you green with envy, made you feel less than you are, or simply made you want to give up?  I’m sure a few times. Like the comparison game that I wrote about recently, focusing on the numbers can also be a game you’ll never win at. 

If that’s where you are right now, here are a few things to keep in mind…

Everything Starts With One.

It’s easy to look at someone that’s got a thousand podcast listeners, is making a thousand dollars a week, or built a business ten years ago, and look at where you are. But if we were to turn back the clock we’d find a time when they were only at one or maybe none. 

They made twenty podcast episodes before they got their first listener. They struggled for months to make ten bucks a month. And that business once opened to crickets. It’s going to be the same for you too. Just because you are there doesn’t mean you’ll always be where you are. – You have to go from 1 to 2 to 3, to get to those big numbers. 

Some Numbers Are More Valuable Than Others.

While it’s easy to say that 1 only equals 1, sometimes that’s not the case. One dollar and one bitcoin aren’t the same value. One parent that’s invested in the upbringing of their child, is a lot better than 2 parents who are never there. Making an income of three hundred bucks in a home-based business can’t be compared to twice that income when you used to work in a cubicle job that you detested. 

The same goes for the numbers that we get envious of. A podcast with ten thousand listeners that listen sporadically can’t be compared to one where a hundred listeners devour every episode. Having five thousand followers that hardly share a post, can’t be compared to someone with twenty followers that do. Someone that’s got twenty thousand free readers over on Wattpad can’t be compared to someone over on Amazon Kindle that’s got a thousand readers, but ones that are willing to pay for that content. 

No One Brags About Low Numbers

Ever have someone brag about winning a dollar on a scratchcard? Tell you that they’ve only got one subscriber to their YouTube channel? Post about their Twitter feed being a ghost town? Of course, you haven’t. But have them scratch off a thousand bucks, add another thousand viewers, or gain a thousand followers, and they’re crowing it from the roof. 

Let’s be honest, we all do it. We hide away when things aren’t working out, but the first sign of success and it’s like a St. Patrick’s day parade with the marching bands. People need to know of our success, and we tell it to anyone and everyone within five feet of us. – We’re winning at the game of life baby, and we want people to know about it. 

And if you look at that number that’s triggered you, chances are good it’s someone that’s flexing. They mightn’t be doing it blatantly, but that little web stats counter, or social media sharing number is there for a reason. They feel that they’re winning and they want you to know about it. 

So the next time you’re faced with a number that takes the wind out of your sail,  run it through the filter I’ve given you above. Remember, we all start at one, some numbers are more valuable than others, and that number is there for a reason. And when you look at the numbers in that light, I’m sure they won’t seem as intimidating as they once were.

Which leaves you to focus on the only numbers that matter, your own. Focus on growing them instead, because they’re the only ones you’ve got the power to change. 

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