Don’t Like Pancakes? Stop Making Them…

…imagine I didn’t like pancakes.

But tomorrow morning, I grab a mixing bowl, toss in some milk, an egg, and some flour, and give it a stir.

I can’t really complain if I’m looking at a bowl full of pancake mix.

I know some smart arse will tell me you can do something else with the mix, but you get the idea.  🙂

You can’t really complain if you’re taking the thoughts you had yesterday, adding in the actions from the day before, and then be surprised when you’ve still got a day filled with pancakes.

You can curse it.

You can complain about it.

You can tell all your friends how unfair it is.

But you put in the mix.

Don’t like eating pancakes?

Change what you’re putting into the mixing bowl.

Pissed that no one knows about you?

You can’t really be surprised if you’re not telling the world that you exist.

Here’s how I do it.