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Double Your Book Profits – Do Half The Work

….if you’re like me, you haven’t got a bunch of minions at hand to take up some of your workload.

That’s why I love repurposing.

Whatever I’m doing, whether it’s emails, Instagram images, videos, I try to wring the most from each piece of content.

– My emails go on my blog.

– My Instagram images, hit, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook with the click of a button.

– My videos, I strip the audio from them and plan to use them for a future podcast.

Now when it comes to you and your books, repurposing is easy too.

Make a coloring book template with some space for text on each page.

Then like I told you a while back, use the same content but make a book tailored to Tom, to Sally, or little Ralphie.

Same content, tons of options.

And it’s not as if Tom’s going to buy Ralph’s book, so no kid’s the wiser. That book was made for them.

Same as a Valentine’s coloring book.

Save hearts, words of love, but one for Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Grandson.
Again same content, just different text.

Then you’ve got Easter….Christmas….Thanksgiving…the combinations are

Another easy way to double your book profits to to change the spine of your

When you’ve got a planner and you can’t add text on the page because the spine is so tight….it can be a pain in the butt.

So most people go for a spiral spine instead. It opens flat and you can write anywhere on the page.

Got a planner, workbook, adult coloring book made already?

What’s stopping you from making a spiral spine version as well?

One book…becomes two books.

Same content….half the work. 🙂

Bill’s going to show you how to do it.

And not only that but he’s also going to show you how to sell more books.

Want to double your book volume with half the work?

If I was him, I wouldn’t have opened this up to everyone. But that’s Bill for ya.

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