Drinking Dinosaur Pee

…now, if you can accept the fact that there’s always been the same amount of water on this planet – in one form or other – then it seems pretty logical that we’ve all been drinking dinosaur pee at some time or other.

You’ve got to hand it to her, Mother Nature doesn’t like wasting much, hence all the circle of life/re-purposing we see every day.

And so should you.

It’s easy to jump onto the next project and not make the most use of what you’ve already made.

But why bother?

– Social media posts can easily be pulled apart, mashed together, put on a different background, and they’re good to go again.

– A coloring book becomes a calendar.

– An eBook becomes an expensive coaching course.

– That research that went into one of your fictional character’s can easily be pulled apart or looked at in a new light. – What if the baddie in your book was to become the hero? How would that book look? Same content, different outcome.

– A short report becomes a bonus with your next product.

– Your blog posts, with a little work are videos for YouTube, podcast episodes, or MP3 files on your blog.

– That non fiction book cover, could become the template for all the books in your series, just like the ‘Dummie’ styles books.

There’s no limit to what you can do, it just takes a little pen and paper time.

Want to look over my shoulder and see how
I do it?

PS – You can also sell it, or give it away.

Now if that’s not a way to recycle, and make money, I don’t know what is.