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Drunken Holiday Planning, Never A Good Idea

….We have a saying in Ireland, “When the drink is in, the wit goes out.”

One night, many moons ago, that wit was well and truly out.

“She’ll only need to pay for her flight. Sure, she can bunk in with us.”

That my friend, was James suggestion on Catherine going with us on our two-week holiday to Corfu in Greece.

“All we have to do is smuggle her on the bus from the airport to the apartments, sure they won’t be doing a head count, it’ll be fine….”

Aw, there’s that old saying, “It’ll be fine.”

It’s like, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

It never ends well.

“Once we’re there she can share the apartment with us.”

Three months later, we did get her on the bus, with the help of a little misdirection, and burying her completely under a load of suitcases and bags.

We got to the apartments alright, the two-week holiday bit didn’t work out too well.

Two days into the holiday she got turfed out and me and her had to find somewhere else to live for the next twelve days.

Knowing no one, we had visions of having to sleep on the beach every night, but thankfully we found a tiny room over a busy family run restaurant.

Ended up having a better holiday because of it.

It’s never good hiding something and expecting the best to happen.

That’s why I’ve put everything I could into my new course at…

You also won’t find any misdirection.

I’m not into that…

In fact, I’ve found a piece of software that’s going to make your job even easier.

I’ve posted a link on the video page where you can download it.

For those of you that haven’t bought it yet, I’ve just given you a bigger reason to jump on board.

PS – And there’ll be no turfing anyone out, so you can stay as long as you need to..

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