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Eagles Don’t Flock

…’Eagles Don’t Flock…Sparrows Do’  – Bob Proctor.

For those that do, there’s a majority that don’t.

You’ve got the crowd hanging out in writing forums that talk all about writing books.

You’ve got the crowd hanging out on Internet marketing Facebook pages, that talk all about having an online

And you’ve got the crowd hanging around in self-improvement groups that talk all about good thoughts and balancing chakras.

The ones that ‘actually’ do any of the above, are too busy to be there.

They’re writing, they’re working on their business, and they’re using life as feedback.

The majority though, they’ll still be there in the weeks and months ahead.

All wondering why that book didn’t write itself, why their blog still has zero readers, and why their positivity
isn’t putting cheques in the post.

There’s a reason why I show up here on a regular basis.

Anyone could do it.

But few do.

You could write a book, if you wanted to, starting today.

You could write a blog post, if you wanted to, starting today.

You could write an email to your one and only subscriber, if you
wanted to, starting today.

You could do all of that.

And then….you could do none of that.

Those that do…they get ahead.

Those that don’t…well…you know what they get.

Sometimes there’s safety in numbers.

And sometimes it’s a safe space for people who don’t do anything.

Barry J McDonald.

PS  – There’s also another good reason why I write a daily email…

Just to show you that there’s some method to my madness.  : )

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