Elephants Stampede Downtown L.A. Street

….My wife and I were watching one of those true life story shows on Netflix the other night.

Along the same lines of the old “Ripleys Believe or Not” show, it featured an elephant that went on a rampage in the US many years ago.

Seems the said elephant was drunk as a skunk.

Drunk? You ask.

Yep, some bright spark on the ship (which he was coming over on), thought that alcohol was a good substitute for water. Which they’d run out of a few days previously.

So,  when they brought it ashore, the poor thing ran amuck and ended up getting a bullet for its trouble.

Sad story, but true.

I suppose if Hollywood was doing a remake of the event it would take place in LA instead, and probably feature Chris Prat as an elephant whisperer or elephant expert flown in for the job.

Having thought about it, they’d probably feature more than one elephant. It is LA after all.

…thing is…

Nobody makes good decisions with alcohol in them.

I put my hand up on that one.

I also know that even when I’m sober, I’m prone to making bad ones too. One of those is probably writing more than I should.

Nowadays with most people have the attention span of a flea, cheat sheets and tip sheets are all the rage.

And who can blame them.

I use them myself for content ideas and creating sales letters. Let’s face it, we’re all pushed for time.

“Just give me the basics, show me what to do, and get out of my way.”

If you know people like that and want to sell to them, Amy Harrop has put together a report on how to create them and make money from them.

A win, win in my eyes.

You can find out the details here.

PS – And if you see anything about that Chris Pratt movie, you read it here first.  🙂

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