Email Writing Tips – 3 Ways To Stand Out In The Email Inbox

email writing tips

Email Writing Tips 

In today’s blog post we’re going back to the subject of email writing tips. Although only three tips are covered, I wanted to give you a bit more on each one. After reading this I know you’ll look at your email writing in a totally new way. Enjoy!

1 – Share To Be Remembered – If you’ve never been to this blog before, you probably don’t know much about me. But if I was to tell you that I’m Irish, married with four kids, have two dog (one of which doesn’t like me), I think you’ve leave this blog knowing more about the person behind this blog post.

Suddenly I’ve gone from ‘generic blog writer’ to, “Barry J McDonald,  he’s married, has four kids, and two dogs,” and that’s how your emails should be.

Let’s face it, our inboxes are filled to capacity every day with email.  Take yours for an example, out of the many you’ve read today, how many can you remember? Now you may remember the company that sent you a sales coupon, or information on a holiday location, but what about the others?

The other people/companies looking for your attention, looking to sell you something, or just to tell you that they’re on Instagram. How many of those do you remember? And of those, how many of them sounded like a person pecking away at the keys like I am, or was it all formal corporate speak?

Thing is, if you want to people to buy off of you, or refer you to others, they’ve got to know like and trust you.  The more they know about you, the more you automatically stand out from everyone else.  So share some things about yourself.

In each email its doesn’t take much effort to give a quick life story, what you’re doing, what you like/dislike,  or your thoughts on your business.  I’ll give you another example….

As I’m writing this blog post at my kitchen table, I can see the last of yesterday’s snow starting to melt in the morning sun.  Downstairs I can hear the kids (they’re off school due to the bad weather) arguing  as they’re fighting over some device, and the dog’s looking at me yearning for her morning walk.

Again a little look into my life and you come away from this post knowing a little more about me. Remember, share to be remembered.

email writing tips

2 – Avoid Subject Line Trickery – Imagine for a moment that you had to trick your  best friend to get them to open their door with something like the following…

“Hey you won’t believe what she said!’

“You’ve got to see this amazing widget!”

You wouldn’t. Why? Because they’re your friend and will probably open the door 100% of the time you show up. That’s the same for emails. If the person on the other end of your email doesn’t want to see you, they won’t. You’ll just go straight into the spam folder.

You will find some people offering to sell your products made up of their best converting subject lines, but give them a wide berth. Why? Because what works for my audience won’t work for yours.

  • They might have gotten an open rate of 50%, but how long were they speaking to that audience?
  • How well do they know their audience?
  • And then there’s the name that’s going with that email. If you’re a well known Guru chances are good I’ll have a look at your email compared to the average Joe/Josephine.

When it comes to writing emails, remember, curiosity will always win the day. But if you have to do it on a regular basis to get your emails opened, you’re speaking to an audience that’s not that into you. Sorry.

3 – Show Up Regularly – Like opening up yourself to your audience, showing up regularly in their inbox helps to build trust. Most marketers know this and use it to their fullest advantage. Take for example Facebook ads.

As you probably know, Facebook allows you to purchase ad space on their network. Now there are various ways of targeting your audience, like narrowing it down to age, sex, location, likes and dislikes, but you can also  target your audience by people who visit a blog page, website, and or interact with your Facebook page.

You’ve probably seen it in action. You look at a pair of shoes, camping gear, and then over the next few days, Facebook suddenly knows what you’ve looked at because you’re targeted with another ad for those shoes.  And when you leave the site you find that ad following you around on the web. That’s called retargeting.

Although it can be annoying at times, there’s a reason for this repeated showing of an ad to a customer. It’s well known that it can take some customer’s up to ten approaches before they’ll make a buying decision. It also narrows down your interest in shopping anywhere else. Why? Because that store is everywhere and seems to be the only one offering what you want. Same goes with email.

Consider these two authors selling a book through email to the same subscriber. One emails once a month to announce it’s release, the other email’s on a daily basis.  Which are you more likely to buy off?

Now taking into account that the 30 days emails have been interesting, entertaining, and have opened you up to the world of this author, I’ll go with the second one.

Not only are they always staying on their subscribers radar (because nowadays it’s easy to be forgotten about) but you’ve gotten that buy link in front of that subscriber 30 times that month.  They only need it clicked once.  The other author on the other hand only has one opportunity to get a click.

Now coming back to the repetition narrowing focus,  which author would your mind immediately jump to when considering buying a book in that genre? Again the second.

So not only should you be emailing regularly to stay on your subscriber’s radar, but the more you do so, the greater the chances you have of selling to that subscriber, and the more your trust level grows as a side effect of it.

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