Enough Of The B.S. – How Much Do You Want It?

…now, you’re going to tell me that you’re keen to have an online business, want to tell the boss to go take a walk, and you’ve picked out where you’ll retire to.

Yet the reality is far different.

In fact, if we mapped out what you did this week, 52 times, we’d still be back here a year from now.

Our actions say far more than the B.S. we tell ourselves and others.

We say we want that thing but we give up at the first sign of discomfort or boredom.

And so we go running off for hacks and shortcuts that will allow us to leapfrog over everyone else. – As if we’re the special ones that don’t need to do the work. Or that those at the top are somehow stupider than us for putting all that work in and didn’t look for an express pass to get there.

In our story, we’re always the hero, we can do no wrong, and God forbid anyone should call us out on our B.S.

And so we get sold weight loss pills instead of getting told to get off our arses.

We get told that everyone should get a medal just for turning up instead of having only one gold medal to challenge us.

We’re told that completing a box set is somehow an achievement in life, instead of a ‘WFT are you doing, pissing your life away’ reminder we should be given.

We use the Internet to make fast food faster than to do a simple Google search for a solution to that problem we complain to everyone about.

In a nutshell….we’re the armchair experts of life, that haven’t even lived a life ourselves.

The fact that we’ve got time to criticise just proves we don’t have much going on.  – Because if we were too busy on our own game, we wouldn’t have time to nitpick others.

To quote Stever Diebold, ‘It’s easier to cheer and boo a sports star than it is to become one.’

And because we know where all the bodies of lies are buried we tip-toe around them hoping they’ll never be discovered.

So to circle back, how much do you want it?

Not how much you tell others you want it, but much do you want it?

Maybe it’s time you showed us with your actions and not the stories you tell yourself and others.

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