Even Crows Have A Use Nowadays

…you’d be mistaken in thinking that the average crow hasn’t much use beyond putting holes in your plastic rubbish bags, and eating road kill.

But the French have come up with a new job for them, picking up litter.

Yep, you read right.

One French theme park is using them to pick up paper and cigarette butts as they fly around the park each day.

A novel idea, but it just goes to show you that if the robots don’t take over the world, we’ll be living in the Planet Of The Apes in a few years time.

One thing I doubt either of them will do, is waste their day on social media wondering what brain fart idea someone on the other side of the world has, or if they said Yanny or Laurel.

Me. I can take it or leave it.

In fact I’m going to be doing less of it from now on.


After reading Deep Work the other day, I woke up to the fact that it’s not doing anything for me. – I’m creating content for sites I don’t own, and making it for people who don’t have the time or inclination to read it.

Not a lot of big thinking is done standing in the queue at McDonalds, or sitting on the toilet.

But, as Call Newport says, when you’re selling software to automate it, they’ll tell you…

‘You’ve got to be on social media.’

‘You’re living in the dark ages’

‘You’ve got to move with the times.’

…and the more important they make it sound, the more they’ll push you on the solution. – Their Software. 

But as Earl Nightingale said, if you do the opposite to what everyone is doing and you’ll never make a mistake in your life.

So from now on, I’m walking away from it all.

If I’m creating content, it’s for a platform I own and control, and it’s for people who’ve got time to read or watch it.

Other than the blog and podcast which will be coming back in a little while, I’m going old-school.

I wonder how many of my ‘Friends’ will miss me or even notice I’m gone? Or maybe they’ll all be wondering what color the next dress is.

Au revoir, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It used to be fun.

Here’s to the great content I gave you, that you’ve limited to what anyone can see.

And here’s to the ads you can use around it.

….in a few years time, maybe the crows will game-fully employed there, pecking out some content on the keyboards.

Me? I’ll be living under the WriteCome rock in my PJ’s.