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Even The Great Mel Robbins Chokes Sometimes

…now if you don’t know who Mel Robbins is, grab a copy of her book ‘The 5 Second Rule,’ or watch her Ted talk video on YouTube….both are highly recommended.

But even the best of us choke at times.

Faced with a list of people (one was Oprah), to help promote her book, she looked at that list for 10 days and did nothing.

All because of fear.

Now I don’t what fear her’s was….but for most of us, it’s rejection.

What if they don’t like it?

What if they don’t like me?

What if it flops?

The majority of times….you’ll never get that answer until you do it.

It’s only when you take action that you can see what happens next.

Like the email, I sent back to her…

“If they turn you down, Mel it’s their loss, not yours. Cheering you on from the sideline. Best of luck with the book.”

I sent it out not expecting anything to happen.

Then I got this reply…

‘Barry, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot.’

Was it her herself?

Or some assistant?

Who knows?

But if you asked me…I’d give you the same response.


Because we’re all clinging to a rock that’s hurtling through space, so does it really matter in the grand scheme of things if no one but you liked it?

If writing your book brought happiness to you or made you feel like you achieved something that’s all that matters.

So do the thing…and then see what happens on the other side.

You never know what might happen. 🙂

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