Ever Have New Year’s Eve Déjà Vu?

…many moons ago…

…or more like a long, long, time ago…

…long before Mrs Mac came on the scene.

…me and group of friends hired a mini bus and travelled to  a very popular and large disco for New Years eve.

Of course being young, dumb, and single, we were in the mood for ladies and beer.

For most of us though, we had more success and experience with beer than the opposite sex.

But God loves a trier and we were committed to working on the other part. 🙂

So…fast forward on to 12 o clock, we joined everyone on the dance floor
to ring in the New Year.

And as you’d expect there was a lot of well wishing by the time the count reached one.

And so a happy Barry, and one of his friends, ventured off to another large room in the venue to watch a live band that was playing.

Seemingly…not only was it a separate room, but it was also running on a time
zone of it’s own too.

Because 5 minutes later we were ringing in the New Year all over again with another pair of happy ladies.

…telling the story to Catherine today made her laugh. Because she knows what  I was like back then.

What can I say…it was a Christmas miracle.

You know what else made her chuckle today?

Telling her that I sent out an email about my keyword videos and forgetting to turn on the payment button.


But unlike us novices that night, the video series will have up to scratch on keyword research in no time at all.

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