Exit Through The Souvenir Shop

…I was reading a Dan Kennedy blog post recently where he brought up the topic of leaving through the souvenir shop. 

What he meant was that if you’ve got an audience leaving your place, don’t allow them to walk out the first exit door they see. 

He likened it to the difference between Celine Dion’s set up in Las Vega and one of Disney’s theme park rides. In Vegas, Celine’s fans, having watched her show, were allowed to walk right out the door and if souvenirs were wanted, had to go next door to get them. In Disney, the get off point was the souvenir store. 

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out which one was more profitable. 

So, what about your setup? Where is your web traffic going?  

Do you even have a souvenir store set up?

If not, maybe it’s time you did something about that?

One of the easiest things you can do is an exit pop up, the next best is a redirect script, – In both cases you’re still in control of their exit.  Give them a good enough offer of a free report or one time discount and you could be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Another example is how the great Jimmy D Brown does it. 

If you want Jimmy’s free report you’ll find the download button on the sales letter of a paid product.  – Now, I wonder how many of those freebie seekers read the full sales letter while waiting for the report to download? More than one or two I’d imagine. (He’s been doing it for a while now, which is probably a good sign that it works)

The moral of the story, be more Disney than Vegas. – Your bank balance will thank you for it. 

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