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Failure Is A ‘Thing’ And Not An ‘Us.’

…for too many of us, we attach failure to us rather than distance ourselves from it.

It was us.

We weren’t good enough.

We haven’t got what it takes.

We see failure as the end of the road and not the wrong road that brought us to the wrong destination.

We lose the fact that we gained some knowledge from it. – We found new landmarks, saw things we would never have seen, and gained new experiences along the way.

We see failure as more about us than the vehicle we choose that was wrong for the route.

We see failure as the dodgy tattoo that’s a permanent reminder of where we’ve been, or a stamp on our passport to show we’re a loser.

It’s also the location we’re the only ones to have visited, forgetting that it’s a destination you’ll never find empty.

And like a bad holiday, it’s one we don’t like to talk about.

We goofed up.

We messed up.

And it’s a place we don’t want to go back to.

Yet failure is a thing, and not an us.

It’s a stop-off and not a final destination.

It can be a starting point for our next trip, than an end to our current one.

And the person that’s well travelled is a lot more entertaining to be around, and wiser because of it.

Because anyone can camp in their backyard, it doesn’t take courage to do it. – Just don’t expect to have great adventures while you’re there.

If life is a journey and not a destination. – It would make sense to travel to as many places as you can.

And although it mightn’t always work out. you’ve only got to get it right once in a while to be successful.

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