Fancy Taking A Walk Down ‘Memory’ Lane?

…now that we’re heading into the home straight of this year, and almost at the ‘I swear I was good all year’ season, how about we take a walk down ‘memory’ lane?

But not the memory lane you’re thinking of. No.

Let’s take a look at the other memories – the ones of your hard drive, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, or wherever you do your digital purchasing from – those gigabytes of memory.

Ever do it before? Ever go through a year’s load of purchases? If you haven’t, let me tell you, it can be a big wake up call.

Wanna depress yourself even more?

Go ahead and add up how much you paid for all that stuff you didn’t use?

Now….wanna hand that total over to your partner?

No? I wonder why?

How much would you be wealthier if that you still had those funds?

Or how far on would you be if you’d stuck to January’s thing, instead of leaving it and running off in a completely different direction in Feb.

Or what about May’s one, that got taken over by July’s one?

You my friend, are doing the equivalent of hunting for two bunnies at the same time and coming home with nothing.

Welcome to the land of the bright shiny object.

How do you get over it, or at least curb your purchases?

That the advice of Dan Meredith.

Buy one thing and give it your full attention for 90 days.

For those ninety days, nothing in the world exists but that one thing you’ve just purchased. Work it for all that it’s got.

After 90 days, if it works, great,  keep going. – And maybe buy something else that you can slot onto it.

If it doesn’t, then throw it aside and start with something new. – But again, the 90 day rule applies to that purchase too.

You can either end the year the way you’ve been running it so far, or you can start today and end up in a place that’s a lot better than where you are right now.

It’s your choice.

PS – 90 Days, No Excuses, No Distractions. Go do it!