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Fear, Success, And Failure

Fear, Success, And Failure

Good morning everyone, and welcome to a bright and shiny sunny Monday morning.  

Now yesterday I saw a great video. Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the person who created the video so I can’t put their link in the description but it was a really really great video and it was on the topic of fear. 

Now this gentleman in this video said that fear isn’t something that is outside us, it is inside us. 

You know, it’s not that we can actually stand here, and say well fear lives over there. Fear is there, Fear is here. Because it’s not outside us it’s inside us. 

Now I’d also add to his point that success and failure aren’t outside us. It is inside us.  We can’t, again, point to where success is or where failure is.

It’s almost like we have these kinds of rose-tinted glasses, or success glasses or failure glasses, and we put them on and we look at the world through those glasses.

So fear, success, and failure, isn’t anywhere outside you. It is inside you.

Have a lovely day bye-bye.

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